VE Day – 70 Years On And Europe Is Still Fighting A Tyrant

Today is the 70th anniversary of VE day. Better people went before us and fought for our liberties and freedoms. They fought so that we can live a life that is free and that I could retain the right to write these words without repercussions. Sadly, if I was Russian, then I could very well end up in jail because a repressive dictatorial imp troll, know to the world as Vladimir Putin, has continued to erode the freedoms that generations who have gone before him fought to resurrect.

The image below is of a Ukrainian soldier captured in Shakhtersk, just outside of Donetsk. It won 3rd prize in the POY awards and it serves as a stark reminder that war has once again cast its shadow across Europe.

For most Europeans watching the evening news, it would appear that the war in Eastern Ukraine has finally ended, a result of the diplomatic efforts of Germany’s Chancellor Merkel and French President Hollande. That belief however is a fallacy. The war and human tragedy has continued unabated in Ukraine. Families have been torn apart, both literally and ideologically. And all this is happening with the backdrop of Russian ultra-nationalism, what with leather clad bikers making provocative statements by their insistence on driving through Europe to give a two-fingered salute to Germany and Europe, or rhetoric from Putin’s Kremlin that the Soviet army defeated Nazi Germany single-handedly, or the almost hysterical fervour that the Kremlin and their journalistic-apparatchik have attached to the planned parade through Moscow on May 9th.

No doubt Putin will take pride of place upon at the podium on Red Square, atop the tomb of Lenin, and once again bask in the glow of his sycophantic followers – a combination of corrupt Oligarchy and their families, and the ordinary Russian who is either naive and believes every word from the Kremlin media instruments used to fill the airwaves and newspaper columns with lies and propaganda, or who are too lazy to actually to question these lies and stand up to a dictatorship that is hell-bent on returning Russia to an era where its citizens are not to be trusted and who have to be controlled, lest they form their own opinions and become a problem or threat for the regime .

Whilst Russians are slobbering over themselves and their nationalistic pride over the defeat of Nazi Germany, they continue to carry out atrocities on their “so-called” brothers in Ukraine. These orange/black ribbon wearing Russian scum make me sick. As do ordinary Russians who refuse to do anything to remove the monster that is Putin, for fear that they lose everything. God forbid they lose their flash cars, their gold gilded mansions or their ability to vacation in Europe thrice yearly (a region that they enjoy spending time in, but whose values they detest…..odd that).

Unless ordinary Russians stand up to Putin and his dictatorship, then they deserve their lot in life. Thankfully, Ukraine is fighting to resurrect law and order and freedoms of press and free speech. It’ll take a while to mend the many wrongs inflicted during the Soviet era, but they are a resilient nation and are determined to join the reset of civilised Europe.

For all I care, Russia can rot in hell.

Slava Ukraine and I pray for the millions of lost lives who fought for the liberty I enjoy today.

Ukrainian Soldier Shakhtersk - Andrey Stenin

Vice News – George Soros on EU vs. Russia

Long a fan of new media upstart, Vice News, since my initial introduction by way of their coverage of the Ukrainian crisis – Maidan, then Russia’s Crimean annexation, and now Russia’s armed conflict in Eastern Ukraine – their no-nonsense grass-roots coverage of events on the ground are a breath of fresh air when compared to the current crop of mainstream media, such as the BBC, CNN, The Guardian, The Independent, etc.

This latest piece, a kind of “talking-heads” segment, is a new segment they have recently rolled out which began with a piece on China’s aspirations, followed by a segment on how ISIS was born from a misguided and maligned form of Hawkish American Imperialism.

In this particular video, George Soros discusses his essay “A New Policy to Rescue Ukraine“, and sagely explains that by offering Ukraine assistance, Europe can foster an open society in Ukraine and protect itself from Russian aggression.

In his essay, which calls on members of the European Union to behave as countries indirectly at war with Russia, Soros calls on the EU to provide Ukraine with $50 billion to defend itself and kick-start political reforms. Russian President Vladimir Putin’s imperial ambition has unintentionally brought into being a new Ukraine that is adamantly opposed to endemic corruption and inefficient government.

With inexperienced EU Foreign Minister, Federica Mogherini, most recent attempt to appease the regime in Moscow and advising a lifting of sanctions by the EU against Russia, it has only further compounded the divisions within the EU on how a continued relationship with Russia some be managed in the future. Mogherini was criticised during the hearings by EU officials during the vetting process prior to her taking up her position as High Representative of Foreign Affairs and Security Policy. Indeed, many observers and members of the EU Parliament expressed their concerns over her closeness to Putin and her ability to remain objective and strong in her dealings towards Russia in her current role.

One key question that needs re-asking is, “Is Mogherini fit for purpose?” It is my personal opinion that she should never have been appointed this position in the first place, as her continued dalliances with the kleptocratic regime in Moscow are detrimental to the security of Europe.

Mogherini Putin

Russian Terrorists Kill 12 Civilians in Ukraine


Ukraine Volnovkha Bus 12 Killed

Yesterday, January 13th, 2015, at 14:20 Kyiv time, Russian funded terrorists shelled a Ukrainian checkpoint located 7 km from the town of Volnovakha, in the Donetsk Oblast.

A minibus, transporting civilians was completely destroyed by a BM-21 ‘Grad’ belonging to the militants of the so-called “Donetsk People’s Republic”.

The horrendous, and disturbing video, below, shows the bodies of the innocent civilians who were aboard the bus when the shrapnel from the Grad rocket ripped through the bus, tearing through the people aboard the bus.

12 people were killed: 2 men, 9 women and 1 child. Other sources report a higher number of civilian casualties. All people died from the shell wounds. 3 Ukrainian servicemen from the checkpoint were also wounded.

It is believed that the “Grad” launcher, known officially as the BM-21, was located at Alexandrynivka, a village near Dokuchaevs’k.

Vyacheslav Abroskin, head of the Donetsk regional interior ministry, said it appeared the target had been a roadblock set up close to the nearby town of Volnovakha but the attack had gone wrong.

“It was a direct hit on an intercity bus,” he said.

Of course, the Russian news agency Tass was quick to come to the defence of the terrorists and quoted rebel officials as denying they had carried out the attack.

Terrorists continue to hide their Russian supplied military equipment in private homes, farmsteads and in the backyards of the local Ukrainian civilian population. A ruse to avoid any counter attacks that the Ukrainian Army might be inclined to launch. These continued attacks make a mockery of the supposed ceasefire referred to in the Minsk protocols, agreed last year.

The DPR also announced yesterday an ultimatum to Ukrainian government forces defending the now destroyed Donetsk airport. They were warned by terrorists that if they did not retreat from the airport, they would “suffer the consequences” with an all-out attack being promised.

10 Ukrainian civilians have died since the so-called ‘truce’ was announced back in December.