Living The Dream….In 28ft

Canadian, David Welsford, doesn’t pay rent, nor does he have to battle traffic each morning on his way to work. He doesn’t even have a full time job. Instead, he’s living his dream on board a 50-year-old wooden boat he restored, called “Lizzy Belle”.

She was built in Novo Scotia, and when David saw her, rotting away on a wharf in Bridgewater, NS, it was love at first sight. The restoration was a labour of love. That was a few years ago, and it was then that he decided to take her out onto the open ocean, give up the luxuries of life on dry-land and trade it in for a life alone on the sea. “For me, what’s more important than having a big house is having a space that makes me feel good,” he says.

This short documentary, filmed by his friend Kevin Fraser, explores David’s unique maritime lifestyle, the sacrifices he’s made and challenges he faces – from putting food on the table and filling his tummy each day, to the loneliness he sometimes experiences or the lack of a romantic relationship with whom he can share his experiences.

“There’s always a way to make money. There’s always a way to live,” he explains. “If I have enough to go and have a beer and I have enough to go to the grocery store, if I can put enough diesel in the tanks of the boat, then I think I’m one of the richest people in the world.”

This is one man’s idea of living the dream. But the message is simple. Do what ever makes you happy. We only get one life, so let’s make sure we live it.

Lizzy Belle_1 Lizzy Belle_2

Art On The Palm Of His Hand

Milano artist, Guido Daniele, is fast becoming world-renowned for his remarkable and stunning artistic animal recreations that ubiquitously known as ‘handimals’.

Daniele, a graduate from Brera School of Arts where he majored in sculpture, began his developing this particular art-form when he took on work as a hyper-realistic illustrator for a number of advertising agencies. This, he says, gave him the freedom he needed to practice and explore new painting techniques.

Since 1986 Daniele focused more on airbrush art, which gives more depth to the creations, and an ability to mix the palette and colours on the skin more evenly or thicker, whichever is called for.

The germination of the seed for Daniele’s ‘handimals’ began in 1990 when he began to experiment with body art, which involved body painting for advertisements, fashion shows and exhibitions. To see more of his creations, visit his website here.

Animal-Hand-Paintings-by-Guido-Daniele-DogAnimal-Hand-Paintings-by-Guido-Daniele-DalmationAnimal-Hand-Paintings-by-Guido-Daniele-Clown-FishAnimal-Hand-Paintings-by-Guido-Daniele-Black-SwanAnimal-Hand-Paintings-by-Guido-Daniele-Crocodilehand painting artAnimal-Hand-Paintings-by-Guido-Daniele-Eagle-SpreadAnimal-Hand-Paintings-by-Guido-Daniele-GiraffeSchroders_Elefante Animal-Hand-Paintings-by-Guido-Daniele-ZebraAnimal-Hand-Paintings-by-Guido-Daniele-LeopardAnimal-Hand-Paintings-by-Guido-Daniele-Snake Animal-Hand-Paintings-by-Guido-Daniele-CheetahAnimal-Hand-Paintings-by-Guido-Daniele-ToucanAnimal-Hand-Paintings-by-Guido-Daniele-Elephant-IndiaAnimal-Hand-Paintings-by-Guido-Daniele-HorseAnimal-Hand-Paintings-by-Guido-Daniele-MooseAnimal-Hand-Paintings-by-Guido-Daniele-SwanAnimal-Hand-Paintings-by-Guido-Daniele-Sea-Bream

Eye Candy – Hyperlapse Dubai

Eye Candy - Rob Whitworth DubaiI’m a fan of really great creative stop-motion, time-lapse and tilt-shift videography. The newest format to have evolved from traditional time-lapse is “Hyperlapse”. And the king of hyperlapse is a British film-maker called Rob Whitworth. Rob is a well-known urban film-maker, with a reputation for creating breathtaking videos that show locations in a dramatic and captivating way. Whitworth’s easily identifiable style has attracted critical acclaim, and has received millions of on-line hits.

He is presently based in Shanghai, China and has broad experience working in various Asian destinations. For his latest project however, we find Whitworth in the global city that is Dubai.

Known for its classically inspired as well as modern skyline, Whitworth used this enchanting city in a desert Oasis as his latest backdrop and subject. He immersed himself into the city’s soul for three months, and in the process explores and shows off every nook and cranny with his camera as he tries his best to capture a city that is a continued juxtaposition between traditional/historical and modern values.

The video starts off with a view of the city from inside the cockpit of an Emirates A380 followed in quick succession of views from many of Dubai’s newest land marks, including the Burj Khalifa.

I hope you enjoy this piece of eye candy as much as I did. Enjoy!

Swiss Airline Alpine Formation Flight

Switzerland’s infamous Lauberhorn mountain, home of the worlds longest downhill ski course, hosted its annual leg of the Ski World Cup late last month.

As a way to celebrate the return of this years leg, the national airline, Swiss, arranged a formation flight with one of their Airbus A320 alongside six F5 Tiger of the Swiss Airfoirce’s aerobatics team, the Patrouille Suisse.

The formation took in the sights of the beautiful Bernese Alps and gave spectators a fantastic sight as they flew overhead in tight formation.

The display, filmed from more than 30 different camera angles from inside and outside the Airbus shows off the piloting skills of all pilots involved. The nice flying bits start from about 1:50 in to the video.


Swiss Formation Flight_1 Swiss Formation Flight_2 Swiss Formation Flight_3 Swiss Formation Flight_4 Swiss Formation Flight_5 Swiss Formation Flight_6 Swiss Formation Flight_7

Danny Macaskill’s Epic Highland Trek

Danny Macaskill Isle of Skye_3Danny Macaskill Isle of Skye_2Danny Macaskill Isle of SkyeDanny Macaskill – featured here in a previous post – the worlds master of off-road trials biking takes his trusty bicycle back to his native home, the Scottish island, Skye.

The Isle of Skye’s peninsulas radiate from a mountainous centre dominated by the Cuillins, the rocky slopes of which provide some of the most dramatic mountain scenery in the country. In true Danny fashion, he wondered if he could bike down the knife-edge ridge that runs along the Cuillins.

The result is an EPIC film showing off both Danny’s death defying skill in a saddle and the beauty that beholds one of Scotland’s stunning scenic landscapes.

Skiing Down A Wave

Wave Skiing Wave Skiing_2 Wave Skiing_3 Wave Skiing_4This epic footage of Chuck Patterson skiing down a giant wave off the coast of Maui, Hawaii will surely grab your attention.

Filmed for German sportswear brand Bogner, Patterson takes on the famed big wave surf break on Maui’s north shore.

I think my favourite part is when he uses the ski poles to make it look like he’s outrunning the wave. 🙂

Ice Road Truckers

Canadians don’t seem to mind the cold. With the recent Arctic temperatures that have hit North America (I refuse to use that stupid American soundbite thet’s being bandied about by the Yanks to explain an anticyclonic wind emanating from the North Pole) it seems like only the Yanks are whinging and moaning about how cold it is outside – Pussies!

Why don’t they take a leaf out of the Canada’s book and have a go at building themselves one of these….

Ice Truck_1 Ice Truck_2 Ice Truck_3 Ice Truck_4 Ice Truck_5 Ice Truck_6

A Chevrolet 2500HD truck chassis with a body shell made from nearly five tonnes of ice, complete with mirrors, door handles and hanging air freshener. They started it up and took it for a wee jaunt through the streets of Ontario.