Putin’s Russia – Plane Pushing

Putinism Airplane Pushing Putinism Airplane Pushing_2

Putinism has taken on a new symbolic twist with these images doing the rounds on social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook today.

Passenger’s on a UTair flight from Igarka airport in Russian Siberia, had to get out and push their plane to help it reposition before commencing its departure. In -50C temperatures, they got out and pushed the plane backwards, often joking with each other about pushing it all the way home. 🙂

Putin’s Justice Minister has announced that this exercise will now be introduced into Russian Gulag’s from this winter onwards, and will form part of the “Hard Labour” regimen that convicts incarcerated in Siberian Gulags will undertake as part of their sentencing.

Ryanair have also announced that they are considering adopting this method of passenger power as part of their new cost saving initiatives in 2015. A Ryanair spokesman said that “passenger power is both environmentally friendly, cost effective, and will help ensure that Ryanair can continue to offer the lowest fares to its passengers next year.”

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