I Proudly Commemorate Remembrance Day


Today I read an article about a primadonna Irish footballer (James McClean) who refused to wear a poppy for Remembrance Day on the grounds that he came from Derry, and that although he was born 20 YEARS AFTER “Bloody Sunday” occurred, he still felt that wearing a poppy was an affront to those people who lost their lives.

Let me go on record and tell you as an Irishman that this guy is an IDIOT. He is an embarrassment to the Irish nation and his attitude is exactly the same attitude that results in conflicts never getting resolved and is an example of how hatred of a nation is exacerbated by the myopic vision of a child’s parents and their teachings. What happened in the past, is in the past. I accept that it is sometimes hard to forget the hurt and pain of pasts wrongs. We SHOULD remember, but only so we never repeat histories wrongs. But don’t hold on to it like a metastasising cancer, spreading the hatred from one generation to another.

Yes, “Bloody Sunday” was an awful event. But so were the bombings carried out by the IRA on the British mainland. And let us not forget that thousands of Irish men lost their lives during WW1 and WW2. Maybe they were, or were not fighting for the King. But if they were Irish, I certainly know that they were fighting to preserve freedom and liberty and save the world from tyranny.

This idiotic Irish football player plays football for a living. If he was someone who worked in a charity, dedicated his life bringing peace and education to the worlds poor or helped starving, repressed nations around the world regain their dignity, I might….MIGHT….listen to his bullshit reasons for not wearing a poppy. But he’s not. He’s a footballer, who most likely has three or four brain-cells to rub together and gets paid a fortune for playing a game most children do for free in their backyard. In short he is a nobody.

So I implore my friends both across the Irish Sea and around the world to not judge us Irish with the same disdain you rightfully hold for Mr. McClean. There are many of us who respect the sacrifice that our forefathers made for my ability to speak my mind like this (in the English language (sorry Tim and Michael, couldn’t resist) without persecution or reprimand.

And I pray that the sacrifices being made in other conflict zones around the world, on the side of the right and the just also come to an end soon so that those people can return to their loved ones and rebuild their broken countries.

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