The Devil’s Advocate

Devil's Advocate

I’m beginning to truly distrust Merkel. She rightfully controlled the euro-crises to ensure that Germany weathered that storm better that the rest of Europe (that’s what she was duly elected to do), shifting the pain to the lesser well-off economies or Ireland, Greece, Portugal and Spain. Germany came out on top, and she got re-elected to continue her role as Germany’s Chancellor. A truly great political win deservant of praise, even if it DOES mean that my fellow citizens are rightly screwed back home.

But as a person who grew up in Soviet East Germany, who knows first-hand the shenanigans and capabilities of the KGB and East Germany’s Stasi, she inexplicably thought it politically temperate to been seen cozying up to a megalomaniacal dictator during the World Cup final in Brazil. All the while she STILL refuses to broaden sanctions against Russia. In my book this is tantamount to aiding and abetting Putin in his murder of innocents and his illegal occupation and war against Ukraine.

It’s time Frau Merkel climbed out of the Kremlin’s pockets and began to walk once again the path towards the political and moral high-ground, even if it DOES impact Europes economic growth a wee bit.


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