Russia’s Newest Skating Prodigy

Lipnitskaya of Russia Lipnitskaya_2I’m in Moscow right now, as the Olympics are in full swing down south in Sochi. And whilst Russia has not made much of a dent on the medals table (yet….they’ve not yet competed in the events they’re traditionally strong in) one young rising super star has earned the host country their first gold.

She is skating prodigy Yulia Lipnitskaya. At the tender age of just 15, this young girl who is originally from Yekaterinburg, has really got the home crowd excited and wanting more from these Olympic games. My office here in Moscow is buzzing and raving about how wonderful her skating was and how amazing are the skills and poise of someone so young.

Given that I’m not much of a figure skating fan, I had to see what all the fuss was about for myself. And I can assure you, young Yulia deserves every bit of praise she’s received because she is the essence of skill, excellence and execution. She’ll return to Sochi later in the week to compete in the individual event, and I wish her well and hope she wins gold. To give you a taste of her skills, take a look at the video from 2013 at the Skate Canada championships.

Simply breathtaking.

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