Ukraine’s Idea Of Human Rights

Ukrainian Police

Right now, things have escalated in Ukraine. The peaceful protests that had begun two months ago have descended into full scale riots. Two protesters have been confirmed killed, shot dead by police. The police on the other hand are claiming that they are brandishing guns, without carrying any live ammunition. And if you believe that, then you also believe in Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny!

Meanwhile, the police have chosen to adopt different tactics completely, such as stripping captured protesters naked in minus temperatures and subjecting them to humiliation , and in some extreme cases, torture.

THIS is what the ruling kleptocracy of Ukraine’s government have signed off on. This is THEIR idea of how best to deal with protesters. This is their opinion of how much an ordinary Ukrainian citizen’s life is worth. And THIS is the reason they should be removed from office. The dictatorship of Yanukovich and his cronies need to be ousted, and perhaps it has reached a point of “by any means possible”.

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