Sellotape Art

“Sellotape” or “sticky tape” (as our American friends call it) is quite a diversified and useful tool. And it seems that Ukrainian artist Mark Khaisman has come up with a new and wonderful use for this wonderful material.

Now a resident of Philadelphia, USA, Khaisman, who studied Art and Architecture at the Moscow Architectural Institute, uses rolls of brown sellotape (American – “packing tape”) to create incredible works of art.

He’s quoted as saying

“There are some qualities of tape that make it unique for me as an art material: its banality, humbleness and its ‘throwaway’ nature; its default settings of colour and width; its unforgiving translucency; the cold and impersonal attitude that tape surface suggests.”

I think you’ll like the outcome, and you’ll never see wrapping presents in quite the same way again 🙂 Mind you, I bet it’s a pain in the arse when you can’t find where the end of the tape!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMark Khaisman - James and UrsulaMark Khaisman - NoirMark Khaisman - Noir_2Mark Khaisman - Portraits

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