Because Girls Can Be Engineers Too

Goldie Blox - Debbie SterlingDebbie Sterling is an engineer, graduated from Stanford University in California. As a girl she thought the word, “engineering” was nerdy and intimidating and just for boys. But as a woman, she realised her childhood misconceptions were ill conceived and that engineering was anything but boring.

Engineers build all the important things we use every day…things that make our lives better. But the sad truth is that only 11% of engineers in the West are women. Girls, is seems, have started to lose interest in science and are bombarded with advertising about being pretty and girly and everything needing to be pink and fluffy and not full of any substance whatsoever.

So Debbie started up the company Goldie Blox. Funded through crowd-funding giant, Kickstarter, it’s purpose is to design and market toys aimed at girls to inspire them the way Lego and Meccano (“Erector sets” for our American cousins) have inspired boys, for over 100 years. The end result is to hopefully inspire young girls in developing an early interest and skill set in engineering, and hopefully remove the fear or apprehension women have when it comes to pursuing a career in engineering, in what is today a male dominated profession.

I couldn’t agree with her more. Have a look at the video below to learn more about the company and her toys.

What did you want honey….the spanner?

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