Science Saturday – Möbius strip

Royal Institute

It’s almost Christmas, and with it comes one of my favourite things about this time of year….the Royal Institute’s Christmas Lectures. I’d watch these lectures on TV, which were broadcast during the Christmas term school holidays, and always loved the cool, new and interesting things the lecturers taught us. Even though they were geared towards an audience of children, it matters not how old you are, they’re still amazing.

This years lectures are entitled “Life Fantastic” and you can buy tickets to attend the lectures in person here.

Andy from the Royal Institute recreates one of his favourite demonstrations from the 2012 RI Christmas lectures: a suspended track made from 2000 powerful rare earth magnets formed into a Möbius strip around which a levitating superconductor travels, floating both above and below the track.

Wonder if I could ask Santa for one of these 🙂


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