Science Saturday – Imperial Measurement System Explained

Most of us Europeans (save for a few die-hard Brits) have happily and readily accepted the Metric system as the de facto, official and logical decimal based measurement system in use today. And it’s not just limited to us Europeans, let me tell you. Oh no!

Our Canadian, Australian, New Zealand and South African cousins, along with our trading partners in Japan, China, Latin America, Asia and the entire continent of Africa, all use the metric system as their official system of measurement.

In fact, it’s JUST those silly Americans (along with Liberia and Burma) who are the ONLY ones that still insist on measuring everything using the most illogical unit of measurement ever devised. Or is it?

“Stand-up mathematician” Matt Parker of BBC’s Head Squeeze has actually taken the time to explain the logic behind, what is clearly a logical unit of measurement, once you understand how each unit is broken-down and correlates with each other. It might seem a bit confusing at first, which is probably why the French ended up inventing something that they could cope with.

Maybe it DID make perfect sense after all:-)

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