What Are You Good At?

International Number Ones

I’m a geek, I admit it, and I just love data, especially when it’s in the form of cool and interesting Infographics. So imagine my giddiness when I found this really cool infographic created by David McCandless which shows what the Number 1 thing that a country is best at, or biggest in. OK, so the data is three years old already, but it’s still cool, and not to mention funny.

For example, some countries that are near and dear to my heart have some interesting results.

Ireland – Highest ranking for “Quality Of Life” – This was clearly before Fine Gael went and fucked things up even more after the previous government!

Netherlands – Highest “Ecstasy Producer” – no surprises there then.

Ukraine – Number 1 producer of “T-80 tanks” (and here was me thinking that they’d have the title of “Highest concentration of beautiful women”.

Surprisingly, Finland did not get the title of “Highest Coffee Consumers” or “Highest Suicide Rate” as most Finn’s proudly tell you when you first meet them. Those accolades went to Norway and Lithuania respectively.

Belarus has the highest number of “Unemployed Women”, whilst Belgium has the highest level of “Women MP’s (Politicians)”. Perhaps the Belarusian women should try and improve their circumstances by running for office (might improve things a great deal in Belarus). But now that I think about it….weren’t the Belgians without a government for a year and a half? Wonder if the Belgian ladies are somewhat to blame for that 🙂

Unsurprisingly, the U.S. tops the list for the highest number of “Serial Killers”, but what is surprising is that Ze Germans lost out to the Czech’s for the title of “Biggest Beer Drinkers”!

Have a look and comment on some of the other interesting things you spotted 🙂

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