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Fox News Asiana FlightFox News have trumped themselves yet again. This time, one of their affiliates, KTVU, broadcast fake names and touted them as the genuine names of the flight crew of the Asiana Airlines flight that crashed in San Francisco last week.

It seems that the bogus names were mistakenly confirmed by a National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) intern, but the news channel never bothered to confirm the identity or position of the NTSB intern.

The presenter apologised for the error after a commercial break, but video of the report has already gone viral across the internet.

It is not clear how the gaffe originated, but the NTSB said one of its interns mistakenly confirmed the names in good faith when contacted by someone at KTVU.

It’s a long known fact that Fox News, or as I prefer to call them – Faux News – are THE most biased, right wing, xenophobic and unprofessional news corporation on the planet. The fact that they are owned by the arch deviant himself, Robert Murdoch, speaks volumes. Their record of piss-poor journalism is well and truly intact.

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