Snow Crop Circles

54 year old Briton, Simon Beck has spent up to ten hours a day tramping around in snow covered hills around Les Arcs ski resort in France, creating breathtaking masterpieces to be enjoyed and admired by everyone who whizzes overhead on their cable car or ski lift.

The 54 year old engineer creates these huge geometric forms, some of which are the size of 6 football fields using special snow shoes.

This art form started out as an exercise for Simon. He could not run because his feet gave him problems. Simon first needs to sketch out the length and diameter of the snow circles. He calls his method of work “Reverse Orienting”. But the durability of his work depends on the weather. Nevertheless, these are perfect sights for cable car riders.

snow art_4

snow art_8

snow art_2

snow art_3snow art_1

snow art_7snow art_6snow art_5

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