2012 Year In Review

2013Happy New Year Everyone!!

It’s been an amazing and fantastic year for both the blog and life in general. Let’s start with the blog.

The sites readership has doubled to more than 11,000 readers in 2012. OK, that’s not perhaps very much when compared to other blogs, but given that this is limited to my bitching and moaning about life in the Netherlands and Russia, my take on politics, healthcare and economics, as well as stuff that I think is cool, these are probably all topics that would have had limited audience to begin with. So having on average 1,000 people a month who tune in every month to read my ramblings, I’m quite pleased. I’m also started with a weekly Saturday Science post which I hope people will enjoy and learn something new in the protest.

The top 5 favourite articles amongst the readership this year were:-

  1. Holland – Flower Fields And Tulips Galore
  2. Childhood Dreams Made Real!!
  3. Goofy Little Town
  4. Making Good Time….Literally!
  5. Russian Health & Safety – Airport Security

On the personal side of things, Herself and I have been pretty busy. In between my bi-weekly trips to Russia and the rest of Europe and the U.S. for work, we’ve managed to squeeze in trips together to Berlin, St. Petersburg, Moscow, Valencia, Dublin and the big one….South Africa.

Herself has started a new, and thriving little business, which we hope will continue to grow in 2013. And my own work continues to throw new challenges and opportunities every week.

All in all, 2012 has been a pretty good year. I’m really looking forward to see what 2013 has in store.

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