Science Saturday – The Mathematical Flag

There are some flags which look geometrical, and there are some which represent something behind the nation itself. Britain’s Union Jack, I think everyone would agree, looks geometrical, with its intersecting stripes of white and red on a blue background.

The flags of Ukraine and the Bahamas represent something of their nations. Ukraine’s flag depicts the golden colour of her wheat fields basking in a beautiful cerulean blue sky, whilst the Bahamian flag is supposed to depict the blue sky, golden sandy beaches, azure blue seas and the black triangle depicts the colour of her people. Both are equally beautiful metaphors.

However, there is ONE nation which can truly claim it has the most mathematical flag in the world. It’s also not your typical rectangle or square shape as adopted by everyone else in the world. And the best bit of all is that you do not need a ruler!!

The instructions of Nepals distinctive, double-triangular flag are enshrined in its constitution. Nepal has never won a full Olympic medal (though it once picked up bronze in an exhibition sport!) so most people will probably have never seen it for themselves.

However, if you want to try it out for yourself, you can find the instructions here or you can take a look at the video below which shows you the math behind the flag.

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