Butterfly On A Wheel

A picture speaks a thousand words. And the Infographic below does a pretty good job at depicting just how one-sided the current attacks by Israel on the Gaza Strip are.

You remember that biblical story of David and Goliath? David slayed Goliath using nothing more than his sling and some stones, and then later became King of the Jews. Well, looks like the shoes on the other foot now, with Israel adopting the role of Goliath.

I mean, ask yourself this. What would YOU do, if a neighbouring country has stopped all freedom of movement of you and your fellow citizens, stops/limits key resources for you to build and run a nation (petrol, medicine, food, cement, lumber) and that those lucky few who CAN cross the border to work have to deal with 3 hour queues at the border checkpoint just to get to work everyday (and that’s on a good day when the border is open).

Or that said neighbouring country continues to steal your land, land which was delineated by an U.N. edict, and then citizens of your neighbouring country build homes for themselves. Oh, and not only that, they build a huge big fucking wall ON YOUR LAND to keep you OUT?

Seriously, what WOULD you do?

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