Irish Taxi Driver

Whilst the “twitterverse”, Facebook and YouToob comments were awash with who was in the wrong – the rude taxi driver who clearly hadn’t a clue where she was going or needed to go, or the wanker who secretly filmed her without her knowledge and posted it onto the web without her consent – I find myself wondering two things;

  1. Why was she driving and talking on the phone at the same time?
  2. Why didn’t he just pick up his phone and ring someone for directions, rather than filming her losing her rag altogether?

My own experiences of taxi trips in my hometown of Dublin recently was met by the same syndrome one experiences in places like New York, Paris or Berlin…..the cabs are no longer driven by locals who know where every little drinking den is, or the quickest less congested streets to drive down to avoid traffic. No, they are driven by newcomers to the city who haven’t a clue where they are, nevermind where you want to get to.

So rather than regulating the “safety” of the cars you’re sitting in, maybe they should focus on the ability of the driver to know where the fuck he is and where the fuck he’s going.

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