My Solution To Global Warming

I know that this may sound like a generalisation, but based on my own personal experiences, it seems that the solution to global warming and powering our planet make lay with the women we love….literally.

It’s one of those things I’m sure you’ve noticed yourself. You’re snuggling in bed with your missus, which is especially nice at this time of the year with the winter winds blowing outside and the suns arc declining ever more each day. But if you’re like me, and YOUR missus is in anyway wired like “herself” then you’ll find yourself scrambling for the cold spot in the bed. First you’ll move your leg a bit. But that only provides a small amount of cooling effect so that you’ll soon need to wiggle an arm away to also seek out cooler climes under the duvet. Until eventually, the furnace that is your missus is belting out so many Btu’s that you end up performing that infamous “hug and roll” manoeuvre just so you can cool yourself down.

I have no idea if scientists have studied this phenomenon of women and the body heat they generate when simply in bed sleeping. But if my theory holds true, in that all women possess this supernatural power for heat generation at levels that almost reach the point of spontaneous combustion, then we could harness this natural “green” energy to power the planet.

Think about it…we could create a pair of pyjama’s, or something along those lines, that capture the heat and somehow channel it to a mini steam driven turbine. The body heat could be used to heat the water, that creates the steam, that powers the turbine, which creates electricity, in the house that Jack built. I’m coining this new method of green energy as “Homothermal”.

Now all I need to do is make sure I keep hold of my share of the duvet!

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