Potential New Craze In Store For Dutch Cyclists?

I love my bicycle, and I love the fact that I can cycle practically anywhere with the millions of dedicated “fietspads” (bike lanes) that criss-cross the Netherlands, be it in city centres or through the beautiful countryside. The fact that there no hills also makes it that bit easier to cycle…having said that, the wind cuts through you for a short-cut here, so having gears on your bike does help…..you just use them when cycling upwind, rather than uphill.

But I’ve always felt that my bike was missing something. I’m too old to stick on one of those things that makes my bike sound like a motor bike, and those coloured thingamajigs that slide up and down the spokes as you cycle are way too girly for my liking. So maybe this is the answer. I’m betting good money that I’ll see them on a Dutch bike owners trusty steed this Spring 🙂

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