Dying To Go To The Loo

The Dutch healthcare system has just reached a new low. A patient who was visiting a hospital in Heerlen, with cardio-vascular and pulmonary complaints, was found dead in the hospital toilets TWO DAYS LATER, after dying from a massive heart attack.

He was apparently there for an out-patients appointment, went to the toilet before his scheduled appointment and dropped dead.

I’m not sure what’s worse. The fact that, during the inquest we’ll most likely find out that his GP simply prescribed “paracetamol and bed rest” and couldn’t be arsed to treat his patient, which is the standard medical treatment here in the Netherlands, or that it took  two days to find this poor man’s decomposing body in the toilets. The latter would indicate that the hospital in question needs to fire the hospital management as well as the contracted cleaning company due to poor performance and low standards that have been set or accepted by both parties.

Even sadder is that nobody seems to give a shit about this either. The media have barely kicked up a fuss about it, and nobody I spoke to seemed at all interested in asking probing questions about how a persons body could have gone unnoticed in the public toilets for two days, or even interested in holding someone accountable.

It seems that this apathy for ones fellow citizens has become the norm here in the Netherlands, a country which used to pride itself on its social responsibilities towards societies vulnerable. Sadly, if you’re not driving a tit-mobile (eg: Audi or fuel injected VW), can afford two vacations a year, or look fucking cool with your greasy mop of hair and red trousers and brown shoes, then you’re a nobody who doesn’t deserve the time of day.

Hmmmmm…so this is the face of economic progress?

One thought on “Dying To Go To The Loo

  1. Good story Clay. However this is what you’d call an accident, a bad case of chain of events, like aviation incidents. The man was there for a polyclinic appointment (which means treatment without hospitalization). He did not report himself before going to the loo in the building, so nobody knew he was there at that moment (except for the guy behind the spy camera screen, who probably was playing Wordfeud).

    A cleaner (toilets are cleaned once a day) report the door locked to the reception, who reported it to maintenance dept, which forgot. The next day, cleaning lady saw door locked again and reported again to the reception which called maintenance to have door removed. Hence the body was found. Who’s to blame here? Mistakes are made every day.

    If the guy died at his home, chances would be he’d not be found until someone came to collect unpaid bills. Now that is something to worry about!

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