This Brings A New Meaning To The Word “Cockpit”

I’ve seen it all now. Not only are you able to pay for sex at Schiphol, but you can now become a member of the Mile High Club, experiencing it for yourself (or in a threesome it seems) in the “ultimate level of comfort & in-flight entertainment”.

What crazy Dutchman came up with this idea? A bloke named Wouter van der Heijden, who owns an escort company called Girls Company, has come up with the ultimate in self publicity and promotion by offering up the chance to win an opportunity to frolic in the air with one of his lovely ladies. You enter the competition by simply submitting to them your ultimate fantasy.

The idea, after this initial “test flight” is to then offer up the service at a regular price of €6,000.

Just remember though to put your seat-backs in their upright position, and stow away your tray tables.

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