Pennies From Heaven

What would you do if you suddenly found yourself driving into a cloud of money floating on the air. Well, that’s a question many motorists found themselves asking this week when a container carrying tens of thousands of euros in destined for an ATM fell from a truck on the A2 near Maastricht.

I’m not sure if it was an amoured truck or a truck carrying loaded ATM’s, the reports are sketchy. But what I do know is that the Dutch police and Public Prosecutors office are doing their nut stating that anyone who stopped their cars to pick up the money, will faces prosecution if they do not return the monies to the police.

Apparently dozens of motorists were seen walking back to their cars with armfuls of cash. Personally, given the current economic climate, I would not hesitate to keep the money and would encourage those who happened to benefit from their haul to spend it and keep the economy going…God knows, the Government are not interested in spending my taxes wisely to avert recession.

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