Only In The Netherlands

“Hamsters to get the keys to the city”, or at least that how the headline of this article SHOULD have read.

It seems some pinko leftist animal rights activists have managed to waste valuable tax payers money by challenging the Ministry for the Environment in ensuring a safe haven for some rare rodent.

For those of you not in the know, there is an old saying in Dutch, that “Every Dutch house comes with Dutch mice”. My own experiences can attest to that. I’ve had mice in every house I’ve lived in here. I’ve managed to get rid of them, but occasionally they make a reappearance. So why someone would actively seek the reintroduction and protection of rodent species is beyond me. Especially if these are rodents in an urban environment.

However, nature organisation Das & Boom decided to focus on raising money to fight Ministers Bleker´s decisions to not spend money on saving these hamsters in the national and European courts. This case involving the wild hamster (Cricetus cricetus) was the first to be heard.

The pinko Judge, in his infinite wisdom agreed and stated in his verdict that it is ´evident´ there is a need for protected corridors to connect the few areas where the hamsters live.

Das & Boom´s next case will focus on otters.

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