Living in a box

I came across the video below through a friend of mine. Watching it, two things occurred to me instantly.

The first thought that occurred to me, and I suspect you had the same revelation, was how much junk I have roaming around in my house and how much unused crap I have accumulated over the years. I left Ireland over 13 years ago with one suitcase and a 2 cubic metre box my mother shipped over to me once I was settled. However, as the years have progressed, lovers have come and gone, cities have been lived in and moved on, and I have somehow managed to amass a load of shite in my house. Some of it still sits in moving boxes unopened since my LAST move. Which begs the question….why the hell do I hold onto it? What possesses some humans on this Earth to hoard stuff?

We all see these TV shows about old Crusties who have houses FULL (and I mean floor to ceiling full) of black bags, old knackered bicycles, tin cans, and God knows what else. And then the council comes in and persuades them to help clean out the house and the garden. Some will refill the empty void soon afterwards with more shite, others are more successful and learn to live and cope with their newer cleaner surroundings.

I personally have been putting on the long finger the unenviable chore of cleaning out our accumulated tat, but after watching this, I feel inspired to just go and do it this weekend and live a cleaner, clutter-free life.

But the second thought that occurred to me was that this guy was actually living a childhood fantasy/idea I once had. I remember at the tender age of nine or ten, wondering how much money one would need to afford to live in a nice apartment, and how much space I would need. For whatever reason, I was probably destined from that particular moment in time to go into the world of finance because I would come up with all sorts of cost analysis in my head about what my annual salary should probably be (I was thankfully WAY underestimating my earnings potential back then) and how big (or small) a place I could afford to rent.

It was the “apartment” equation that really got my creative juices going though.I would lay in the bed under my duvet thinking to myself that in reality all I really needed was a space not much bigger than my bed! I reasoned to myself that I could have a small kitchenette in one corner, TV on the wall, wet-room/toilet at one far end, and a bed/sofa to sleep on. I basically concluded that I didn’t need anything much bigger than a gnat’s ass. Of course back then the idea of inviting a girl over to your place had never crossed my mind…I hadn’t discovered girls just yet. But watching this guy, I realised that my own plans at the tender age of 10 was inspired cutting edge urban living. 🙂

Would I be willing to live like this now? Well, you’d first have to ask Herself  🙂 Now….where are those moving boxes?

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