Apple hellbent on legally excluding the competition

The old phrase of “imitation is the sincerest form of flattery” seems to be lost on the executives in Cupertino. Instead, they have chosen to use their army of lawyers to exclude and limit the competition in the tablet PC market. All those Apple Whores out there, who swear blind allegiance to anything the polo-necked Steve Jobs rolls out to the world will of course be applauding the recent court appointed banning of the sale of Samsung’s Galaxy Tab. I for one though am appalled.

For a start, I HATE Apple. I hate the fact that these adenoid sounding computer geeks always justify paying well above the odds for anything Apple by using the phrase “but it just works”. No it fucking doesn’t. I’ve lost count how many times my own iPhone died and I had to reset it. Herself got a brand spanking new MacBook when she began her Media Design course (was part of the fees) and it died too after having the thing less than 5 months. Of course, the added disadvantage we had to endure was dealing with the fucking idiots at the Dutch Apple Store. Dutch logic dictated that because they were changing locations of their repair premises, a repair that would normally take 2 days took closer to three weeks! And Dutch being Dutch, they couldn’t give a flying fuck about the fact Herself needed it for her college course.

So, we’ve established that Apple products don’t “just work”. What’s next in the Apple Whore’s arsenal? Well, it’s “sexy” looking. I would probably have to concede to this point. But that would not be enough justification for me to pay FOUR TIMES above the odds for a powerful notebook….just be cause it looks good. And then there’s the software.

For a start, iPads and iPhones don’t support Flash sites. There’s also a ton of software out there for free which does not work on Apple’s because it was written solely for the 90% market share owner, the PC. And because the arrogant Mr. Jobs deems Java and Flash “not worth worth building on”, their products fall flat on face whenever you try to open a flash enabled or flash based website. Job’s solution? To provide “apps”, most of which require you to buy for a nominal fee, so you can access the same sites content via a specific app written for their devices. Not only does this add cost to the providers of the content who have to invest in developing the app, but Apple also get to keep a significant part of the royalty when you buy it online from their App Store.

Ah the App Store. There is another bone of contention. Because in the App Store, all Apps are equal, but some are more equal than others. If you write an App and want to get it out there, the only route available is Apple’s App Store. Which means Apple cream royalties from your App as a “distribution channel”. And if they take offence to your App, they can remove it at will with no recourse to the developer.

So these thieving bastards limit what you can view online, force you to download Apps that only THEY approve, and ONLY through their App Store…and now they’ve chosen the route of litigation to make sure that their lawyers ring-fence their “look and feel” i competition. Since the Netherlands is the only country excluded from the EU ban, I might just get myself a Galaxy Tab just to spite all my Apple Whore friends, whilst I still can.

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