Who knew Gwyneth could sing?

I’m not usually a fan of award shows. My opinion of them is that they’re simply a venue (of which there are far too many these days) for all the Luvvies to get together and partake in the mutual appreciation society they are so enamoured with.

Although there are probably two exceptions to that rule…the Grammy’s and the MTV awards (original/video).

It seems that the musical world, whilst equally caught up in the mutual appreciation society as the Luvvies, simply put on a much better show that we normal mere mortals can much better appreciate. And occasionally you get a Luvvie popping up and surprising the world that his/her talents know no bounds. Recent case in point is the lovely Gwyneth Paltrow. She seems to have shocked the world by duetting with Cee Lo Green at this years Grammy’s and in my opinion doing a better job that the might Mr. Green. Having said that, her singing talents are no new. She released a single, a rendition of that masterpiece “Bette Davis Eyes” and has in the past performed live at the CMA’s amongst other awards shows.

Here’s a clip from the Grammy’s. Enjoy

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