Goofy Little Town

Whilst drinking our morning coffee and planning the day ahead, we were greeted this morning by one of the goofiest and wackiest things I have seen in our little village to-date….a full on brass-band passed by our living room window as they marched the streets and roads of our little village.

I’ve commented on how wacky the Dutch can be at times, and this delightfully fun ensemble helped brighten an already good start to the day.

We’re still unsure if it was just them out and about practising or if they were promoting the fact that our village had a brass-band. Either way, I look forward to hearing them play again soon.

Dutch Female Police Brutality

I don’t think I will get too many people disagreeing with me when I say that this display of police brutality is unacceptable, is a clear breach of trust and the oaths taken when an police officer takes up active service and that this behaviour and mal-content should be rewarded by sending her ass off to jail.

What sickens me more though is the reaction from the Dutch police. This video has gone viral, has appeared in online versions of the Dutch mainstream media, and yet this officer is still allowed to patrol the streets and has not been suspended pending the investigation. If this were Ireland or Britain or the USA, at the very least the officers would have been suspended without pay until the investigation had been concluded.

Not only are the Dutch police inept at performing basic policing (preferring to fine people for traffic offences rather than investigate real crime such as rape, murder and car/home theft) but now they have gone down the avenue of mindlessly protecting this moron bitch who has disgraced the uniform she is wearing.

It is not wonder that many Dutch are quite happy to wear t-shirts and tattoos that opening mock the police….something which they have now had powers enacted through parliament to make this an arrestable offense. So remind me, is Amsterdam part of Russia now, because I would have expected this kind of police brutality and censureship from the Russians, not the Dutch.

I hold out no hope sadly that this will ever result in a conviction or sacking of the officer in question, because the Dutch being the Dutch, and the Dutch police being the Dutch police, they will simply close ranks and protect their own. The simple fact that the man who was attacked by this cunt did not even openly threat the officer in question. So what possessed her to think that a drop-kick to the stomach was warranted I will never know.

Suffice to say A.D.C.A.B. (All Dutch Cops Are Bastards)… come on fuckers…..come on and arrest me for expressing my right to freedom of speech!!

Pays-Bas – Nul Points!!

The Dutch have done it again…..they failed to reach the finals of this years Eurovision Song Contest.

The annual competition of Euro-kitsch and camp, this year hosted in Baku, capital of the autocratic state of Azerbaijan, saw the Dutch entry (Joan Franka) crash and burn after what can only be described as ear torturing screeching. I’ve heard cats that can sing better than she did. At least the cats in MY neighbourhood can at least screech in tune!! Even her backing singers were tone-deaf!! And what the fuck was up with that stupid Indian head-dress?

Given that the government here is hell bent on taking away all my benefits, I think they should save ourselves the trouble (and a few bob) by not bothering to submit an entry next year.

If you want to subject your senses to the onslaught of her then have an auld listen below. You’ll quickly discover that her failure to reach the finals was hardly surprising.

Meanwhile, those kings of camp and kitsch, Jedward, made it through to the final. I’m pretty sure that most of the voting came from the closet gay community across the CIS states who entered the competition, as well as those who voted them in just for a laugh.

Given the harsh austerity measures subjected upon us Irish, by the likes of the Dutch and ze Germans, Jedward were really all we could afford to send this year 🙂

Equally tone-deaf as the Dutch entry, but interjected with sharp choreography, repetitive use of the word “awesome” and uber-weird costumes, the duo were sadly NOT sporting their trademark pointy haired quiff. We’ll see if they can better their eight place from last year.

Maybe the Dutch will have better luck in Ukraine in Euro 2012. But I doubt it.

Kangaroo Evades Dutch Police

You’ve heard about the kangaroo on the loose in Holland, right? Well here’s a video showing how he managed to escape the long arm of the law. Well, I say escaped, but if you look at the video, you’ll see that 1:30 into the video, when the ‘roo tries to make good his escape, the Dutch police did what they do best, and just kinda stand there doing nothing. What did you expect? 🙂

Anyway, he is still at large in the woodlands around Arnhem. Be warned….he’s considered cute and extremely cuddly 🙂

Dutch Crime Fighters – The Police, Really?

Here’s a good one for you….how many of you in your country of origin would see regular news reports of a major crime that took place which included CCTV footage of the crime itself and of course of the assailants, with the investigating detective then being interviewed and he/she asking for witnesses to come forward? Hands-up, how many?

Well, it seems that this long standing practice has suddenly found its way onto Dutch TV screens. I always wondered why so many of my Dutch friends had no faith in the Dutch Police. I had always assumed that it was more to do with the incessant doling out of fines for everything from illegal parking to cycling your bike with no light on, rather than actually doing real police work.

This theory was compounded further when experienced an attempted (and thankfully failed) burglary in our own home. The police came out, took a statement from myself and my neighbour, and then two weeks later I got a letter from the police saying that they would not be investigating the crime a) because nothing was stolen (but there was damage) and b) they had no evidence which they could use.

Their second point saw me go ballistic because they never even bothered to send out a forensics team to take fingerprints, which were clearly on show all over the fucking glass door! So of course they “had no evidence”, because they didn’t fucking collect any!! In fact the CBS (Central Bureau Statistiek) even quotes in their report that “the risk of being caught is also low for house burglary (7 percent)”. Well no wonder. If you don’t bother to investigate, then you won’t ever solve the crime! Not only that, but the Dutch Police tabled last place in terms of their own citizens belief that they are effective and control crime in their local area…..LAST!!

I also think that in order to avoid doing any work at all, the Dutch will go out of their way to do things such as “tolerating” something that is listed on their penal code, and then turning a blind eye, as long as it’s not really harming anyone. Good examples of this are the Dutch attitudes towards marijuana and prostitution. However, the statistics would suggest that this doesn’t work…incidents of rape in the Netherlands were the 7th highest in Europe. The fact that 55% of them were solved was down to the fact that the victim was able to assist with the arrest as she could provide a description to the investigating officers that result in an arrest and conviction.

But the police, who are currently complaining about their salary and pension benefits, and their behaviour in general appears to be do incorrectly incentivised. There are regular press articles about how police are given quota’s on doling out fines for this and that, or risk getting axed. This then leads to the type of policing one experiences here, where serious crime is largely left unsolved.

Which brings me to the point I was making earlier about methods of detection and using the greater public as a means, rather than a hindrance, to solving crime. Because recently, after releasing CCTV footage of two suspects wanted in connection of the murder of a jewellery store owner, the police found themselves inundated with tip-offs, identities and the whereabouts of the two suspects.

In fact this was even touted as an “unusual step” to release security camera footage. A  lawyer, Sanne Schuurman, was quoted as saying “It is unique in Dutch criminal law history that full surnames and photos are released so early in an investigation”. If you look at other civilised countries they wouldn’t think twice about publishing a photo and the full name of a suspect. They may of course position it more diplomatically, such as “wanted to assist with our line of inquiry” as used by the constabulary in the UK, rather than parading someone in front of the press, or the usual “perp walk” as so frequently demonstrated in the U.S.

But the point is this….it is high time that the Dutch police got off their arses and starting tackling and solving REAL crimes rather than their hitherto unsuccessful approach of issuing fines and upholding the rights of criminals rather than the victims. If they did that, then maybe the public opinion and support on their ongoing compensation feud might have had more supporters, rather than then laissez-faire attitude exhibited by most of my Dutch friends.

Evening all!!

Euro 2012 And Dutch Political Hyperbole

Dutch politicians are generally regarded, both at home and abroad, as having a backbone akin to a jellyfish. So it comes as no surprise that the political establishment have seized upon an opportunity for cheap political capital whilst being able to give the false illusion of Dutch MP’s following their own rhetoric vis-a-vis austerity measures and belt tightening.

The Dutch have not had to endure the hair-shirt budgets as experienced in, for example, Ireland, Spain or Greece. But the political establishment here are hell-bent on cutting public spending and realigning budgets in areas that affect Jan and Rita Hollander so they can proudly say they are compliant with the EU’s fiscal budget restrictions, whilst neglecting to curb any spending that finds its ways into funding the coffers of the political elite in general….MP’s salaries, travel allowances and severence benefits all left untouched being a classic example.

So it is without a doubt a fortuitous event that Dutch MP’s have found a way of not appearing to not send anyone from either house to Euro 2012, and which they can attribute to their undying upholding of basic Human Rights and the right to a free and fair trial as their reasoning for not going to Ukraine, rather than the usual balderdash of budget constraints as heard in their usual verbose communiques….at least that’s their claim.

Yes indeed, Yulia Tymoshenko is the reason the Dutch are not going to Euro 2012. It appears that her plight is such a huge concern for members of the Dutch Upper and Lower houses. They are so concerned about her well being that they’re choosing not to go. They even managed to sound magnanimous by stating that no one should visit Ukraine until Tymoschenko’s situation improves.

True to form for the Dutch, rather than taking an ACTUAL political stand, such as refusing to allow the Dutch football team to partake in the competition, for example, they have instead decided that by somehow sitting at home and watching it on their TV is a truly effective way of making a real political statement. If you really wanted to make a political point, you would do something meaningful, by stopping your teams attendance and then escalating it to include trade and travel sanctions. Afterall, they did it to the Romanians when their flowers and veg was blockaded at the Romanian border last year.

Sadly though, I wouldn’t be surprised if I end up seeing MP’s and members of the Dutch royal family sitting in VIP boxes, lauding it up with their Ukrainian counterparts come match day.

And for those who won’t travel to Ukraine? Well there’s always Poland, isn’t there 😉