Eye Candy – Hyperlapse Dubai

Eye Candy - Rob Whitworth DubaiI’m a fan of really great creative stop-motion, time-lapse and tilt-shift videography. The newest format to have evolved from traditional time-lapse is “Hyperlapse”. And the king of hyperlapse is a British film-maker called Rob Whitworth. Rob is a well-known urban film-maker, with a reputation for creating breathtaking videos that show locations in a dramatic and captivating way. Whitworth’s easily identifiable style has attracted critical acclaim, and has received millions of on-line hits.

He is presently based in Shanghai, China and has broad experience working in various Asian destinations. For his latest project however, we find Whitworth in the global city that is Dubai.

Known for its classically inspired as well as modern skyline, Whitworth used this enchanting city in a desert Oasis as his latest backdrop and subject. He immersed himself into the city’s soul for three months, and in the process explores and shows off every nook and cranny with his camera as he tries his best to capture a city that is a continued juxtaposition between traditional/historical and modern values.

The video starts off with a view of the city from inside the cockpit of an Emirates A380 followed in quick succession of views from many of Dubai’s newest land marks, including the Burj Khalifa.

I hope you enjoy this piece of eye candy as much as I did. Enjoy!

D-Day Landings – Then And Now

Today marks the 70th anniversary of the Normandy landings. On June 6th 1944 the landings, also known universally as D-Day marked the beginning of the Allied invasion of German-occupied France during WW2.

Reuters photographer Chris Helgren compiled archive pictures taken during the invasion and went back to the same places to photograph them as they appear today to commemorate the occasion.

The most striking thing for me when I looked at the photo’s is the contrast between the past and the present. How today’s generation are oblivious to the death and suffering that was endured in the footsteps of their forebears and how, given enough time, the world rebuilt and moved on.

Given the conflicts currently ongoing in Syria, Ukraine, Venezuela, to name but three, there’s no doubt that our future generations will no doubt find themselves pondering the same thoughts and discussing the utter futility of war.

To view more of Chris Helgen’s photo’s click here.

Normandy then and now 1Normandy then and now 2Normandy then and now 5Normandy then and now 6Normandy then and now 7Normandy then and now 4 Normandy then and now 3 Normandy then and now 8

Time Is But A Dimension

An artist and photographer I have long admired, Fong Qi Wei, has come up with a wonderful way of using photography to convey the passage of time.

In his own words he describes that “photography is a medium that is famous for freezing time. The word snapshot suggests that a tiny slice of time is recorded for posterity.”

In a series entitled Time is a Dimension, Wei attempts to convey the passage of time through a series of composite images spanning 2-4 hours, typically at sunrise or sunset (when the skies colour changes most dramatically). He then splices together the numerous photographs into a single image. A collage of time if you will.

Here are just some examples from the series.

time-is-a-dimension-fong-qi-wei_2 time-is-a-dimension-fong-qi-wei-fqw-images-3 time-is-a-dimension-fong-qi-wei-fqw-images-2 time-is-a-dimension-fong-qi-wei