Russian Terrorists Kill 12 Civilians in Ukraine


Ukraine Volnovkha Bus 12 Killed

Yesterday, January 13th, 2015, at 14:20 Kyiv time, Russian funded terrorists shelled a Ukrainian checkpoint located 7 km from the town of Volnovakha, in the Donetsk Oblast.

A minibus, transporting civilians was completely destroyed by a BM-21 ‘Grad’ belonging to the militants of the so-called “Donetsk People’s Republic”.

The horrendous, and disturbing video, below, shows the bodies of the innocent civilians who were aboard the bus when the shrapnel from the Grad rocket ripped through the bus, tearing through the people aboard the bus.

12 people were killed: 2 men, 9 women and 1 child. Other sources report a higher number of civilian casualties. All people died from the shell wounds. 3 Ukrainian servicemen from the checkpoint were also wounded.

It is believed that the “Grad” launcher, known officially as the BM-21, was located at Alexandrynivka, a village near Dokuchaevs’k.

Vyacheslav Abroskin, head of the Donetsk regional interior ministry, said it appeared the target had been a roadblock set up close to the nearby town of Volnovakha but the attack had gone wrong.

“It was a direct hit on an intercity bus,” he said.

Of course, the Russian news agency Tass was quick to come to the defence of the terrorists and quoted rebel officials as denying they had carried out the attack.

Terrorists continue to hide their Russian supplied military equipment in private homes, farmsteads and in the backyards of the local Ukrainian civilian population. A ruse to avoid any counter attacks that the Ukrainian Army might be inclined to launch. These continued attacks make a mockery of the supposed ceasefire referred to in the Minsk protocols, agreed last year.

The DPR also announced yesterday an ultimatum to Ukrainian government forces defending the now destroyed Donetsk airport. They were warned by terrorists that if they did not retreat from the airport, they would “suffer the consequences” with an all-out attack being promised.

10 Ukrainian civilians have died since the so-called ‘truce’ was announced back in December.

Did The World Get A Little Absurd in 2014?

Scales Tipped So much of the news this year has been hopeless, depressing and, above all, confusing. Take for example the main topics which have been repeatedly covered by mainstream media over the past twelve months – Ebola, ISIS, Austerity, Ukraine, Russia, Syria, Phone Hacking, Child Abuse, Foreign Exchange Rigging, Beheading, Groping Disc Jockey’s, Kim Kardashian’s Arse, Eat Vegetables or DIE.

To which is the only response is “Oh Dear”.

This defeatist response has become the central part of a new system of political control. To understand how this is happening you have to look at Russia, to a man called Vladislav Surkov.

Surkov is one of President Putin’s advisors and has helped him maintain his power for 15 years. But he has done it in a very new way. He came originally from the avant-garde art world, and those who have studied his career say that what Surkov has done is to import ideas from conceptual art into the very heart of politics.

His aim is to undermine people’s perception of the world so they never know what is really happening. Surkov turned Russian politics into a bewildering, constantly changing piece of theatre. He sponsored all kinds of groups from Neo-Nazi skinheads to liberal human rights groups. He even backed parties that were opposed to President Putin. But the key thing was that Surkov then let it be known that this was what he was doing. Which meant that no one was sure what was real and what was fake.

As one journalist put it, “It’s a strategy of power that keeps any opposition constantly confused. A ceaseless shapeshifting that is unstoppable because it’s indefinable”. Which is exactly what Surkov is alleged to have done in Ukraine this year.

In typical fashion, as the war began, Surkov published a short story about something he called “non-linear war”. A war where you’re never really sure what the enemy are really up to, or even who they really are. The underlying aim, Surkov says, is not to win the war, but to use the conflict to create a constant state of destabilised perception in order to manage and control.

Maybe we have something similar emerging here in the West. Everything we’re told by journalists and politicians is confusing and contradictory. Of course, there is no Mr.  Surkov or his equivalent in charge, but it’s an odd non-linear world that plays into the hands of those in power.

NATO troops have come home from Afghanistan, but nobody seems to know whether it was a victory or whether it was a defeat. Aging disc-jockeys are prosecuted for crimes they committed decades ago, yet practically no one in the City of London is prosecuted for the endless financial crimes that are being revealed month after month. In Syria, we are told that President Assad is the evil enemy, but then his enemies, ISIS, turn out to be even more evil than him. So we bomb them, and by doing that we help keep Assad in power.

But the real epicentre of this non-linear world is the economy. And the closest we have to our own post-modern shape shifting politicians are George Osborne and Mario Draghi. They tell us proudly that the economy is growing but at the same time wages are going down. Osborne says he is cutting the deficit, but then it’s revealed that the deficit is actually going up. Draghi waxes lyrical about how low interest rates are a good thing for consumers and home owners, yet anguishes in the same breath that the inflation rate is TOO LOW! But the dark heart of this shape shifting world is Quantitative Easing.

Governments across Europe have insisted on taking billions out of the economy through their austerity programs. Yet at the very same time the UK is pumping billions of pounds INTO the economy through Quantitative Easing. The equivalent of £24,000 for every family in Britain. I’ve written before that the only way an economy can get itself out of a recession is to spend its way out. But make sure you spend the money on public infrastructure and projects that will benefit the economy on a long term basis, such as schools, nurseries, roads, bridges, hospitals, hell, even the military adds money to local economies where bases and troops are stationed.

Whilst the US and Britain has jumped on the QE band-wagon with great gusto, the European Central Bank have yet to decide on whether they want to continue to weathering the economic storm in the Eurozone without any major fundamental economic policy shifts, or if they want to introduce their version of QE. With the Germans so vehemently opposed to increasing public spending and their continued championing of austerity as a solution, it’s unlikely that the ECB will announce anything soon. In fact the continued decline of the EUR/USD F/X rate is a clear indication that QE will most likely not be  on the cards for the Eurozone any time soon.

But it gets even more confusing, because the Bank of England has admitted that those billions of pounds have not gone where they were supposed to. A vast amount of the money has actually found its way into the hands of the wealthiest 5% in Britain. It has been described as the biggest transfer of wealth to the rich in recent documented history.

It could be a huge scandal comparable to the greedy oligarchs in Russia. A ruthless elite, syphoning off billions of public money. But nobody seems to know. It sums up the strange mood of our time, where nothing really makes any coherent sense. We live with a constant vaudeville of contradictory stories that makes it impossible for any real opposition to emerge, because they can’t counter it with a coherent narrative of their own. And it means that we as individuals become ever more powerless. Unable to challenge anything because we live in a state of confusion and uncertainty, to which the response is “Oh Dear”.

But that’s what they want you to say.

Welcome to 2015!

New Year 2015 formed from sparking digits over black background

747 Crash In Afghanistan

This amazing video of a Boeing 747 crashing soon after take-off has made it’s way onto the internet. Filmed by a dash cam, the footage shows the plane in a steep climb before it suddenly plummets back down to the ground. All crew members, believed to total seven, are reported killed in the crash

The flight out of Bagram, located 50 kilometres north of Kabul, had been operated by the US-based National Air Cargo company.

Afghanistan’s Ministry of Transportation and Commercial Aviation is leading the investigation into the crash, the NTSB have assigned accredited representatives joining the investigation.

Several observers on the ground reported the National Air Cargo Boeing 747-400 had just lifted off and was climbing through approximately 1200 feet when it’s nose sharply rose, the aircraft appeared to have stalled and came down erupting in a blaze.

According to a listener on frequency the crew reported the aircraft stalled due to a possible load shift. The aircraft was carrying 5 military vehicles.

747 Crash Afghanistan

Lance Armstrong – Not Innocent Enough

Despite his continued insistence that he is innocent of all charges made by the USADA’s that he used performance-enhancing drugs to win the most prestigious event in the sport from 1999 to 2005, Lance Armstong has decided not to continue his fight to clear his name and will now be stripped of all seven of his Tour de France titles.

He issued a statement on his website,, protesting his innocence but confirmed he will not fight the charges because of being weary of the doping accusations that have dogged him for years.

“There comes a point in every man’s life when he has to say, ‘Enough is enough,'” Armstrong said in his statement.

It strikes me that someone who had protested so strongly for years to clear ones name and retain the titles they vehemently attest to winning without the use of performance enhancing drugs or methods (such as blood transfusions etc) would now suddenly just give up the fight.

Afterall, this is a man who battled against testicular cancer, and came out the other side as a winner. This is not a man, if you believe the hype and his publicists, who simply “gives up”.

Perhaps the fact that the USADA were to present 10 of his former team mates to testify against his use of banned substances, including the blood-booster erythropoietin (EPO), steroid and blood transfusions, as far back as 1996 might have had something to do with his decision to discontinue his contest against the charges laid before him.

Now that he has chosen to simply accept the allegations that he cheated, he will go down in history, not as the superhuman cyclist who was a legend, unmatched and unequalled, but rather the image of yet another sports “hero” who cheated his way to the podium rather than winning on pure merit and sheer talent alone.

There’s an old saying my Mother uses always…..“There’s no smoke without fire”. True, but perhaps Armstrong would have you believe another one – “There’s none so deaf as those who will not hear”.

Dutch Female Police Brutality

I don’t think I will get too many people disagreeing with me when I say that this display of police brutality is unacceptable, is a clear breach of trust and the oaths taken when an police officer takes up active service and that this behaviour and mal-content should be rewarded by sending her ass off to jail.

What sickens me more though is the reaction from the Dutch police. This video has gone viral, has appeared in online versions of the Dutch mainstream media, and yet this officer is still allowed to patrol the streets and has not been suspended pending the investigation. If this were Ireland or Britain or the USA, at the very least the officers would have been suspended without pay until the investigation had been concluded.

Not only are the Dutch police inept at performing basic policing (preferring to fine people for traffic offences rather than investigate real crime such as rape, murder and car/home theft) but now they have gone down the avenue of mindlessly protecting this moron bitch who has disgraced the uniform she is wearing.

It is not wonder that many Dutch are quite happy to wear t-shirts and tattoos that opening mock the police….something which they have now had powers enacted through parliament to make this an arrestable offense. So remind me, is Amsterdam part of Russia now, because I would have expected this kind of police brutality and censureship from the Russians, not the Dutch.

I hold out no hope sadly that this will ever result in a conviction or sacking of the officer in question, because the Dutch being the Dutch, and the Dutch police being the Dutch police, they will simply close ranks and protect their own. The simple fact that the man who was attacked by this cunt did not even openly threat the officer in question. So what possessed her to think that a drop-kick to the stomach was warranted I will never know.

Suffice to say A.D.C.A.B. (All Dutch Cops Are Bastards)… come on fuckers…..come on and arrest me for expressing my right to freedom of speech!!

Common Sense Prevails

William Tuohy, an unemployed father of seven has won a landmark case in the Irish courts. He claimed squatters rights on an empty house in a “ghost estate” in Co. Offaly. After checking the estate for an appropriate home, he found a house which was left unlocked, and moved in.

He spent several months painting and decorating the house and making it habitable for himself and his children. However the Gardai, at the behest of NAMA, served him with a trespassing order and Mr. Tuohy was taken to court. Based on Mr. Tuohy’s testimony, which included details about his being on the housing waiting list for five years, along with photo’s of the house after he’d decorated it, Her Honour, Judge Catherine Staines, dismissed the case, allowing Mr. Tuohy to continue living in the house he has procured.

This is great news. Finally there are people in Ireland who have taken control of empty properties across the country, and decided to put them to good use. It makes no sense to me whatsoever to have hundreds of homes nationwide laid to waste, uninhabited, slowing falling apart because there is nobody there to take care of them, when there are equally hundreds of families out there in dire need of a roof over their heads and who are waiting for the local authority to find them a place they can call home.

I know what the property developers are thinking….they’re thinking that if their €300k+ homes are now suddenly used to house the less fortunate, the less affluent, then the price of the property will diminish. This is of course utter rubbish. The fact that these homes have sat empty for the last two/three years, in an estate where there are also dozens of incomplete homes has already brought down the “resale” value of the houses. Doesn’t it make more sense to put these houses to good use, garner a rent from tenants and repay SOMETHING towards the exorbitant levels of debt they owe to the State for bailing them out? As a taxpayer and citizen, this would be my preferred choice, rather than seeing families go homeless and homes lay empty and unused.

Well done to Mr. Tuohy and Judge Staines….I’m glad to see common-sense has not become extinct yet. Mind you, it’s still on the endangered species list.