Finally, A Journalist Who Makes Sense

Rainbow FlagI haven’t the foggiest notion who Michael Sam is, other than the fact that he’s the subject of American sportscaster, Dale Hansen’s simple but thought provoking piece on why Michael Sam’s sexual orientation shouldn’t even matter, either on the field or in the locker room.

The video was shared by the wonderful Stephen Fry on Twitter. In it, Hansen has thrown down the gauntlet to teams, fans and the world in general, to accept someone’s right, not just to be gay, but to be DIFFERENT.

Celebrate the difference and share this with your friends and family. After all, every one of us on this blue green marble has had to face up to challenges society forced on us in life at least once. Wouldn’t it have been a whole lot easier if you knew you had someone in your corner to help you battle your way through?

Ze Germans Are Coming

Fashion for 2014 Winter Olympics German Olympic Team Uniform_2Watch out Vlad, Ze Germans are coming, and they’re wearing a most frightening ensemble that will surely impact children all across Russia….a rainbow coloured uniform.

Yes ladies and gentlemen, the German Olympic Team’s new Winter Olympics uniform resembles that most feared flag of all….the LGBT Rainbow Flag. Vlad-The-Terrible must be quaking in his homophobic boots.

But according to the German Olympic Sports Confederation, there is no subversive fashion statement. Rather, they say, the colourful uniforms for its Sochi Winter Olympics team are simply a bold fashion choice and not a subtle rainbow-symbol protest against Russia’s anti-gay policies.

The uniform’s designer, Willy Bogner, says that the inspiration for the look was not political, but simply a nod to “the great atmosphere” of the 1972 Summer Games in Munich. The German Olympic Sports Confederation also stated that the uniforms are “not a protest,” but that isn’t how the design is being interpreted since the unveiling.

Whatever anyone else thinks, I think the German team look “fabulous” 🙂

Putin Airlines – Fag Free Travel

Putin AirlinesAnyone who pokes fun at Putin earns my respect. As does anyone who stands up for LGBT rights and fights against their discrimination. So I really like this little gem, which does both!

This satirical video, created for the Gay Women Channel, pokes fun at Putin and the sad fact at how the Russian government are increasingly homophobic. With the recent anti-gay propaganda bullshit laws that were passed, and the continued violence against the LGBT community across Russia, one would think they they were afraid of “catching” gayness by way of a contagious disease or something.

With the impending Winter Olympics in Sochi next year, and the call from LGBT athletes to boycott the games as a protest against discrimination against the LGBT community, the Gay Women Channel decided to mock Putin’s stance by depicting two very camp stewards doing their safety demonstration on board the most anti-gay airline (albeit fictional) in the world, Putin Airlines 🙂

Pay attention, or you will be cuffed!