Meanwhile In Russia – Darwinism Alive And Well

The Russian propensity to ignore rules, blatantly disregard for anything to do with health and safety, and a DNA that requires every Russian male to jury-rig anything mechanical in an effort to “improve”, in a Tim “The Tool Man” Taylor-esque way means that there is always something to look forward to from the Russian YouTube archives.

Take for example these two idiots, who decided to fiddle around with their Lada (a weekly chore amongst Russians) and install a home-made gas conversion kit. If you ask me, an LNG kit and a Lada are a lethal combination. [Note to American readers, gas in this case is Liquefied Natural Gas, and not Gasoline (Petrol)].

Imagine their surprise (I’m not really surprised at all) when the thing blew-up on them on the Moscow Automobile Ring Road, or MKAD, taking the entire back half of the chassis away with it.

The two would-be mechanics staggered out onto the highway clutching their hands to their heads. Both later told medics they could hear nothing apart from a permanent ringing sound.

Moscow doctor Leo Konovalov, who treated driver Edgar Maslov, 23, and passenger Gabriel Yermolayev, 48, said: “There was a massive pressure wave in the car caused by the exploding gas. If it was strong enough to send a heavy rubber tyre into the air, then you can imagine what it has done to the men’s eardrums. It is too early yet to see if they will ever hear again, but the prognosis is certainly not good.”

On a more positive note, they’re lucky they didn’t kill or injure any other motorists due to the flying shrapnel from their car.

Yes ladies and gentlemen, Darwinism is still very much alive and well in Mother Russia.

Russia Darwinism

Meanwhile In Russia – Getting Run Over In Moscow

Russian Road RageRegular readers will know how much I detest driving in Russia and my contempt for Russian drivers and their flouting of the rules of the road.

And we’re quite used to seeing dash-cam video footage of the latest lunatic on the road driving at breakneck speed, with the end result being him or his unfortunate victim ending up in a ditch, all smashed to pieces.

But I’ve not seen something like this before, where an elderly gentleman got out of his car to protest at the driver who was trying cut him up on the inside, only to end up getting run over by that same driver, left by the side of the road.

Eventually someone comes to the man’s aid, but it wasn’t what you’d call “immediate”. In fact the guy in the car who filmed the entire thing doesn’t even get out of the car himself to help.

It’s a sad sorry state of affairs indeed, and indicative of the “Fuck You” attitude prevalent in Russia these days. Putin would be proud.

Science Saturday – Invisible Bike Helmet

Invisible Bike HelmetI know, it’s been a few weeks since I’ve posted a “Science Saturday” installment, but I think I’ve found something so cool and interesting that will make up it.

Having lived in the Netherlands for a number of years, one of the things which was always amusing to observe, was the awe that many Americans had with the shear number of bikes whizzing through the streets, and something that astonished them even more was the fact that nobody wore a helmet, and that very few people had witnessed any serious accident.

This is probably in part, due to the fact that drivers in the city centres are overly cautious about cyclists, as the cyclists always have right of way….even when they don’t, and also the fact that the entire country is criss-crossed with bike lanes, giving cyclists a safety buffer zone from the motorists.

BUT, there’s probably a case to be made for wearing a helmet anyway for those “Just In Case” moments. But the problem some people have with helmets is that a) the make you look like an utter dork, and b) they are some times comfortable to wear, especially at winter when wearing a woolly hat.

So along came these Swedish ladies who’ve only gone and invented an INVISIBLE HELMET. “Invisible?” I hear you ask. Yup. And I’m not going to spoil it by telling you how they did it. You should really watch the video below, all the way to the end, before it all begins to make sense.

Parking Pricks – Ze Foreigners

Parking Prick GermansSeems Ze Germans are also no strangers to the “Parking Prick” phenomenon. This guy was spotted this Sunday, and clearly believes that his BMW 1-Series is SOOOOO big that it needs two parking spaces just to fit into the car park.

What’s even more annoying about this idiot, is the fact that the car park he was using is already quite small in a very popular area near the lake. So taking up more space than necessary means that other visitors can’t park their cars. And given that there’s literally no other public car park, it means that they cannot visit the lake, or risk getting a ticket from the “parking offences” obsessed Dutch police.

Meanwhile In Russia – Speeding Into Traffic

Russian Crash Traffic Jam

Sadly, the Russian’s seem hellbent on proving my theory right about Darwinism in reverse and that too many stupid people are surviving accidents that would have ordinarily killed someone back in the Victorian era. The upshot being the propagation of even MORE stupid people, on this planet we call home.

This time, it’s four gobshites from Moscow. Their crime? Well, for starters Garda, they were doing 180 km/h in a built-up area (i.e. downtown Moscow), and then decided that the traffic in the outside lane was too slow, so it would be better to overtake said traffic on the inside lane.

The four youths (insert culchie Irish Garda accent here) thought nothing of incriminating themselves either by videoing both their speed AND their faces. I mean…..they’re just totally gormless complete fucking tossers!!

Finally, the pièce de résistance is when they slam into a large tailback of traffic, wrecking at least eight cars (not including their own) in the process.

Makes the Dutch drivers I have to deal with seem absolutely convivial and gentlemanly 🙂