Eye Candy – Timelapse That Out Time-lapsed Everyone


Keith Loutit has been here before with his equally epic time-lapse filmed in Singapore called The Lion City. But he has gone and out done himself once more with his latest creation The Lion City II – Majulah. Filmed over a period of years, returning to the same location and camera position to see and show how cityiscapes transform before our eyes, albeit somewhat invisibly, his is a time-lapse to put all other time-lapse’s to bed! It’s pure eye candy.

Art On The Palm Of His Hand

Milano artist, Guido Daniele, is fast becoming world-renowned for his remarkable and stunning artistic animal recreations that ubiquitously known as ‘handimals’.

Daniele, a graduate from Brera School of Arts where he majored in sculpture, began his developing this particular art-form when he took on work as a hyper-realistic illustrator for a number of advertising agencies. This, he says, gave him the freedom he needed to practice and explore new painting techniques.

Since 1986 Daniele focused more on airbrush art, which gives more depth to the creations, and an ability to mix the palette and colours on the skin more evenly or thicker, whichever is called for.

The germination of the seed for Daniele’s ‘handimals’ began in 1990 when he began to experiment with body art, which involved body painting for advertisements, fashion shows and exhibitions. To see more of his creations, visit his website here.

Animal-Hand-Paintings-by-Guido-Daniele-DogAnimal-Hand-Paintings-by-Guido-Daniele-DalmationAnimal-Hand-Paintings-by-Guido-Daniele-Clown-FishAnimal-Hand-Paintings-by-Guido-Daniele-Black-SwanAnimal-Hand-Paintings-by-Guido-Daniele-Crocodilehand painting artAnimal-Hand-Paintings-by-Guido-Daniele-Eagle-SpreadAnimal-Hand-Paintings-by-Guido-Daniele-GiraffeSchroders_Elefante Animal-Hand-Paintings-by-Guido-Daniele-ZebraAnimal-Hand-Paintings-by-Guido-Daniele-LeopardAnimal-Hand-Paintings-by-Guido-Daniele-Snake Animal-Hand-Paintings-by-Guido-Daniele-CheetahAnimal-Hand-Paintings-by-Guido-Daniele-ToucanAnimal-Hand-Paintings-by-Guido-Daniele-Elephant-IndiaAnimal-Hand-Paintings-by-Guido-Daniele-HorseAnimal-Hand-Paintings-by-Guido-Daniele-MooseAnimal-Hand-Paintings-by-Guido-Daniele-SwanAnimal-Hand-Paintings-by-Guido-Daniele-Sea-Bream

They Need To Shit Just Like The Rest Of Us

It’s an oft use turn of phrase in Ireland – ‘He shits just like the rest of us’ – meaning that the person in question is no better or worse than the average Joe, and is equally human, with their own misgivings, failures and biological needs, just like the rest of us.

But Italian artist Cristina Guggeri has helped to visualise in her art what some people may have been fomenting in their minds-eye what their world leader might look like when sitting on the “throne”, by conjuring up vivid illustrations of the world’s power elite.

Given that today’s world leaders have a plethora of decisions to reflect upon, making judgements and decisions that could affect the population for decades to come, and that there are only so many hours in the day, combined with their biological human needs, it’s very realistic to believe that some of these images are as close to reality as we shall ever see.

Guggeri set out to remind the rest of us with her series of images called Il Dovere Quotidiano, or “The Daily Duty,” which humanizes some of the world’s most famous leaders by imagining what they might look like when answering the call of nature.

Some of these can be “unseen”, but I really like this tongue-in-cheek humour.

cristina-guggeri-obama-world-leaders-pooping-the-daily-dutycristina-guggeri-putin-world-leaders-pooping-the-daily-duty cristina-guggeri-angela-merkel-world-leaders-pooping-the-daily-dutycristina-guggeri-silvio-berlusconi-world-leaders-pooping-the-daily-dutycristina-guggeri-queen-elizabeth-world-leaders-pooping-the-daily-dutycristina-guggeri-dalai-lama-world-leaders-pooping-the-daily-duty

Eye Candy – Hyperlapse Dubai

Eye Candy - Rob Whitworth DubaiI’m a fan of really great creative stop-motion, time-lapse and tilt-shift videography. The newest format to have evolved from traditional time-lapse is “Hyperlapse”. And the king of hyperlapse is a British film-maker called Rob Whitworth. Rob is a well-known urban film-maker, with a reputation for creating breathtaking videos that show locations in a dramatic and captivating way. Whitworth’s easily identifiable style has attracted critical acclaim, and has received millions of on-line hits.

He is presently based in Shanghai, China and has broad experience working in various Asian destinations. For his latest project however, we find Whitworth in the global city that is Dubai.

Known for its classically inspired as well as modern skyline, Whitworth used this enchanting city in a desert Oasis as his latest backdrop and subject. He immersed himself into the city’s soul for three months, and in the process explores and shows off every nook and cranny with his camera as he tries his best to capture a city that is a continued juxtaposition between traditional/historical and modern values.

The video starts off with a view of the city from inside the cockpit of an Emirates A380 followed in quick succession of views from many of Dubai’s newest land marks, including the Burj Khalifa.

I hope you enjoy this piece of eye candy as much as I did. Enjoy!

Riverdancing Around The Globe

Riverdance Riverdance_2Three mates from Dublin, Iain McNamara, Chris McGrath and Kevin Cobbe have put together a unique and memorable video of their trek around the world by Riverdancing their way across the globe. They’ve jigged and reeled their way across 23 countries in South America, Australia, Asia and the UK.

The lads filmed a clip of themselves dancing in front of some well-known attractions, including the Guinness Storehouse at St. James’ Gate, the equatorial line in Quito, Ecuador, the ancient Incan city of Machu Picchu in Peru, the Sydney Opera House, the Angkor Wat temple in Cambodia and London’s Big Ben. Even some of the locals seemed keen to join them such as the young fella with the squeegee in Buenos Aires.

The clips are accompanied by the iconic music and footfalls of “Riverdance,” and the lads get increasingly more technical with their routine as the trip continues.

Peeling Spuds – The Quick Way

PotatoesWe Irish love our spuds. But if you live in a typically large Irish family, it means there are quite a lot of the buggers to peel when preparing dinner. Which could take an awfully long time…..until now!

So when you’re preparing dinner next Sunday, take a look at this YouTube video which shows an ingenious way how to peel a bag of spuds in 60 seconds using a hose, a bucket, and an industrial drill.

Feather Art

Chris Maynard turns moulted feathers into minature works of art using eye surgery scissors, forceps, magnifying glass and a VERY steady hand.

For Chris, feathers are one of nature’s great achievements. Not only do they make flight possible, they also insulate and come in a wide variety of beautiful colors and patterns that help birds hide or attract a mate.

Based in Olympia, Washington, USA, all feathers used by Chris are legal to both use and sell. He acquires feathers from private aviaries and zoos sourcing many of his feathers from birds that are not native to North America. Below you will find a small selection of feather cutting artworks that Chris refers to as Cut Feather Shadowboxes.

Although the original shadowboxes are only available for sale in the United States, anyone is able to purchase prints of the artworks through Chris’s SmugMug account.

Chris Maynard - Perchers_2Chris Maynard - PerchersChris Maynard - Pattern FlightChris Maynard - ReflectionChris Maynard - Northern East Meets Northern WestChris Maynard - Singing BirdChris Maynard - Singing Bird_2Chris Maynard - IbisChris Maynard - DragonChris Maynard - HummingbirdChris Maynard - Feathers_4Chris Maynard - Feathers_9Chris Maynard - Pigeon Late ArrivalChris Maynard - Feathers_5Chris Maynard - Feathers_8Chris Maynard - Hummingbird Flower