Art On The Palm Of His Hand

Milano artist, Guido Daniele, is fast becoming world-renowned for his remarkable and stunning artistic animal recreations that ubiquitously known as ‘handimals’.

Daniele, a graduate from Brera School of Arts where he majored in sculpture, began his developing this particular art-form when he took on work as a hyper-realistic illustrator for a number of advertising agencies. This, he says, gave him the freedom he needed to practice and explore new painting techniques.

Since 1986 Daniele focused more on airbrush art, which gives more depth to the creations, and an ability to mix the palette and colours on the skin more evenly or thicker, whichever is called for.

The germination of the seed for Daniele’s ‘handimals’ began in 1990 when he began to experiment with body art, which involved body painting for advertisements, fashion shows and exhibitions. To see more of his creations, visit his website here.

Animal-Hand-Paintings-by-Guido-Daniele-DogAnimal-Hand-Paintings-by-Guido-Daniele-DalmationAnimal-Hand-Paintings-by-Guido-Daniele-Clown-FishAnimal-Hand-Paintings-by-Guido-Daniele-Black-SwanAnimal-Hand-Paintings-by-Guido-Daniele-Crocodilehand painting artAnimal-Hand-Paintings-by-Guido-Daniele-Eagle-SpreadAnimal-Hand-Paintings-by-Guido-Daniele-GiraffeSchroders_Elefante Animal-Hand-Paintings-by-Guido-Daniele-ZebraAnimal-Hand-Paintings-by-Guido-Daniele-LeopardAnimal-Hand-Paintings-by-Guido-Daniele-Snake Animal-Hand-Paintings-by-Guido-Daniele-CheetahAnimal-Hand-Paintings-by-Guido-Daniele-ToucanAnimal-Hand-Paintings-by-Guido-Daniele-Elephant-IndiaAnimal-Hand-Paintings-by-Guido-Daniele-HorseAnimal-Hand-Paintings-by-Guido-Daniele-MooseAnimal-Hand-Paintings-by-Guido-Daniele-SwanAnimal-Hand-Paintings-by-Guido-Daniele-Sea-Bream

Learning To Fly

Pelican Learning To Fly

“Bigbird” the pelican stumbled ashore after a storm and was taken in by the staff of Greystoke Mahale in Tanzania. He was nursed back to health and then began to limber up and begin to fly again. With a tiny GoPro attached to his beak, we can get a sense of what it feels like for Bigbird when he’s flying. As a pilot myself, I always marvel at how simple birds make the process of flying look. Simply amazing!

Free Fall Into Pigpen

Camera Free Fall Pig PenAnd this little piggy thought “Ooh, what’s this in my pig pen….a fancy GoPro camera. Sweet!”

It’s a testament to the sturdiness of GoPro cameras that this one managed to survive virtually unscathed after free-falling several thousand feet and landing in a pigpen, subjected to lots of inquisitive piggies wondering what the hell has landed in their mud pool.

Apparently the camera was found by the pig’s farmer about 8 months afterwards.

Still Born Elephant Brought Back To Life

Riski Business

Riski lives at the Elephant Safari Park at Taro near Ubud in central Bali which was created in 1997 and is a full elephant experience. Nigel Mason, the founder of the park, talks us through her remarkable birth, captured on camera.

It wasn’t all sweetness and light. It was touch and go for a few minutes as Riski did not start breathing when she was delivered. Her Mum frantically and instinctively did what was necessary to jump start little Riski’s still-born body back to life. It’s truly amazing.

If At First Your Don’t Succeed

Mikhail MouseIt’s a philosophy we’re taught when we’re kids….never give up, always keep trying. And as we get older we sometimes either forget about this allegory, or we just give up that bit quicker than we used to. But observe “Mikhail Mouse”, a tenant in a Russian home who is the very epitome of ‘never giving up’. We can all learn something from even the smallest of our house guests.

I think what I love the most about this is that at one point he seems to just repeat and fail over and over again, kind of like what most humans do. Then he takes a wee break, looks from another angle and strategises a little. And ‘hey presto’, he runs off with the biscuit!

Even more interesting is our own attitude to “Mikhail”. Ordinarily I would have probably whacked him with a newspaper by now if I saw him in my house. But when I showed this to Herself, she was egging him on just the same way I was. 🙂

Enjoy, and remember, whatever it is you’re trying to do in life, never give up!