Eye Candy – Timelapse That Out Time-lapsed Everyone


Keith Loutit has been here before with his equally epic time-lapse filmed in Singapore called The Lion City. But he has gone and out done himself once more with his latest creation The Lion City II – Majulah. Filmed over a period of years, returning to the same location and camera position to see and show how cityiscapes transform before our eyes, albeit somewhat invisibly, his is a time-lapse to put all other time-lapse’s to bed! It’s pure eye candy.

Eye Candy – Hot-Air Balloon Fiesta

This short time-lapse, produced by Roadtrippers, is a beautiful and vibrant introduction to the nine-day International Balloon Fiesta event held every October in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Every year, the city’s skies are filled with hundreds of hot-air balloons, all shapes and sizes. Launching into the sky at all hours of the day — many taking flight just before sunrise — the spectacle creates a sight and experience which is unique in the ballooning calendar.

Hat-tip to Amber for sharing

Balloon Fiesta_1 Balloon Fiesta_2 Balloon Fiesta_3 Balloon Fiesta_4

Bad Ass Barefoot Skiing

Vooray_1 Vooray_2 Vooray_3I don’t know if I’m more impressed with the barefoot skiing, the open cockpit float-plane pulling the barefoot skier, or the pretty girls in the boat admiring the barefoot skier, but this is a really cool video, promoting outdoor clothing company, Vooray’s collection.

Admittedly, it’s from last year. Which means two things…1. I am most DEFINITELY not a “hipster” who is up on all the latest trends, and 2. I am now starting to really show my age 🙁

That being said, the skills shown-off here are nothing short of amazing. I’m especially intrigued as to how the guy was doing push-ups ON THE WATER! I can barely do ONE on the relatively solid structure of my gym’s floor. This bloke was doing it on the water whilst being dragged at a hundred miles an hour across the lake.

But, as a pilot myself, the star of the show has to be that wee float-plane. My friend Ouen once shared the details behind the plane, which is a home-built job, and we’ve harboured a dream of each owning one and taking them on long summer cross-country flights across the bush with the wind literally in our hair. Some day Ouen…..some day 🙂

Swiss Airline Alpine Formation Flight

Switzerland’s infamous Lauberhorn mountain, home of the worlds longest downhill ski course, hosted its annual leg of the Ski World Cup late last month.

As a way to celebrate the return of this years leg, the national airline, Swiss, arranged a formation flight with one of their Airbus A320 alongside six F5 Tiger of the Swiss Airfoirce’s aerobatics team, the Patrouille Suisse.

The formation took in the sights of the beautiful Bernese Alps and gave spectators a fantastic sight as they flew overhead in tight formation.

The display, filmed from more than 30 different camera angles from inside and outside the Airbus shows off the piloting skills of all pilots involved. The nice flying bits start from about 1:50 in to the video.


Swiss Formation Flight_1 Swiss Formation Flight_2 Swiss Formation Flight_3 Swiss Formation Flight_4 Swiss Formation Flight_5 Swiss Formation Flight_6 Swiss Formation Flight_7

Danny Macaskill’s Epic Highland Trek

Danny Macaskill Isle of Skye_3Danny Macaskill Isle of Skye_2Danny Macaskill Isle of SkyeDanny Macaskill – featured here in a previous post – the worlds master of off-road trials biking takes his trusty bicycle back to his native home, the Scottish island, Skye.

The Isle of Skye’s peninsulas radiate from a mountainous centre dominated by the Cuillins, the rocky slopes of which provide some of the most dramatic mountain scenery in the country. In true Danny fashion, he wondered if he could bike down the knife-edge ridge that runs along the Cuillins.

The result is an EPIC film showing off both Danny’s death defying skill in a saddle and the beauty that beholds one of Scotland’s stunning scenic landscapes.

Science Saturday – HIV Killing Cancer

Emma LeukemiaA radical new approach to fighting cancer, which might open the doors to treating other aggressive diseases involves doing something that would probably go against the grain and is completely counterintuitive to most people reading this.

Drs. Carl June and David Porter from the University of Pennsylvania, and their colleagues, have embarked on a new form of treatment for cancer patients which involves injecting them with a modified form of the HIV virus which zero’s in and kills cancer cells.

The trials have been carried out on patients who are classified as terminally ill and whom have no other avenues of treatment open to them. This is their ONLY hope.

The video shows a patient, a young girl called Emma, who has suffered from leukemia for many years. She’s had to endure it coming back TWICE. Her parents were effectively looking for a miracle.

The T-cells are collected and infected with the modified HIV virus. This genetically changes the T-cells which are now reengineered to scout in the patients, look out for and ultimately kill the cancer cells within a patients body. The modified HIV virus has been changed so that it can no longer cause disease, but it still retains the ability to reprogram the immune system. The result being that it attacks the cancer cells.

This treatment is cutting edge and it has not yet been developed to work on everyone.

Emma has gone on from strength to strength, beating leukemia, hopefully for good this time.

Skiing Down A Wave

Wave Skiing Wave Skiing_2 Wave Skiing_3 Wave Skiing_4This epic footage of Chuck Patterson skiing down a giant wave off the coast of Maui, Hawaii will surely grab your attention.

Filmed for German sportswear brand Bogner, Patterson takes on the famed big wave surf break on Maui’s north shore.

I think my favourite part is when he uses the ski poles to make it look like he’s outrunning the wave. 🙂