Player Two – Grab The Kleenex

Player TwoI’m not one for video games. Loved playing them with my younger brother when I was a kid, but somehow I grew up and fell out of love with them. My love loss was further compounded years later when my 9 year-old nephew kicked my ass playing Call of Duty (I swear to this day that I still didn’t see what I was supposed to be shooting at!!).

But I am soon to become a father for the very first time. So my tendancy for sentimentality has been slowly on the increase these past few months. That’s probably why I really like this advert for Microsoft’s Xbox. I’m not at all expert enought to espouse the pro’s and con’s of one system versus another. I just liked the story behind the ad and the heart strings it was tugging on me when I watch it.

Apparently (I saw “apparently, because it could be true, or it could have been planted by an ad-man) a user on a forum posted a message about how he missed playing with his Dad, who had sadly passed away. He found an old Xbox in the garage and found the ghost of his Dad on one of their favourite games.

It’s a simple but heart warming ad, and if you have any remnants of a soul, thenI defy you to not have a little lump in your throat after you’ve watched this.

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