Bad Ass Barefoot Skiing

Vooray_1 Vooray_2 Vooray_3I don’t know if I’m more impressed with the barefoot skiing, the open cockpit float-plane pulling the barefoot skier, or the pretty girls in the boat admiring the barefoot skier, but this is a really cool video, promoting outdoor clothing company, Vooray’s collection.

Admittedly, it’s from last year. Which means two things…1. I am most DEFINITELY not a “hipster” who is up on all the latest trends, and 2. I am now starting to really show my age 🙁

That being said, the skills shown-off here are nothing short of amazing. I’m especially intrigued as to how the guy was doing push-ups ON THE WATER! I can barely do ONE on the relatively solid structure of my gym’s floor. This bloke was doing it on the water whilst being dragged at a hundred miles an hour across the lake.

But, as a pilot myself, the star of the show has to be that wee float-plane. My friend Ouen once shared the details behind the plane, which is a home-built job, and we’ve harboured a dream of each owning one and taking them on long summer cross-country flights across the bush with the wind literally in our hair. Some day Ouen…..some day 🙂