Science Saturday – Homemade Hand Warmer

Science Saturday - Homemade Hand Warmer

Winter is ALMOST over, but not quite for many of my friends on the East coast and Great Lakes areas of the US or in Canada, where the temperature is currently a balmy -16°C.

But fear not friends, because the folks at Sick Science have a solution that is both fun and easy to do at home and will keep your hands toasty and warm on this cold winter days.

Herself and I took a trip to the Finnish Lapland last month. Our first time ever in the Arctic Circle, and I bought a box of these commercially made feet and hand warmers before the trip. But  had I seen this video before we left, I’d have been a very happy science geek revelling in making my own warmers to take  with us on our trip. Oh well. I’ll have to wait until next winter before I can have a go at making these bad boys 🙂

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