Swiss Airline Alpine Formation Flight

Switzerland’s infamous Lauberhorn mountain, home of the worlds longest downhill ski course, hosted its annual leg of the Ski World Cup late last month.

As a way to celebrate the return of this years leg, the national airline, Swiss, arranged a formation flight with one of their Airbus A320 alongside six F5 Tiger of the Swiss Airfoirce’s aerobatics team, the Patrouille Suisse.

The formation took in the sights of the beautiful Bernese Alps and gave spectators a fantastic sight as they flew overhead in tight formation.

The display, filmed from more than 30 different camera angles from inside and outside the Airbus shows off the piloting skills of all pilots involved. The nice flying bits start from about 1:50 in to the video.


Swiss Formation Flight_1 Swiss Formation Flight_2 Swiss Formation Flight_3 Swiss Formation Flight_4 Swiss Formation Flight_5 Swiss Formation Flight_6 Swiss Formation Flight_7

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