Science Saturday – Honey Mathematics

Science Saturday - Liquid Rope Coil EffectSmarterEveryDay’s Destin, posted an interesting video that I thought all you Math buffs out there might enjoy as a Science Saturday post.

It’s all about the science behind the “Liquid Rope Coil Effect”. This is most noticeable when you pour honey on your toast, or shampoo in the shower, but I had no idea that the math’s behind something so simple was so complex. So complex in fact that they haven’t figured out al the equations regarding coiling honey 🙂

The rope coil effect has to do with the viscosity of a liquid or fluid, and the pronouncement of the effect is determined a great deal by Gravity’s impact on the liquid as it falls. There are four types of flow that scientists have figured out the math for. The rope coil effect is a result of the Gravitational Regime condition, when there is enough height pulling on the viscous fluid, and enough momentum from the spinning frequency, to give it the appearance of rope coiling on itself. Who knew honey could be so mathematically complex!

Science Saturday - Liquid Rope Coil Effect - Honey

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