Science Saturday – What Causes Brain Freeze

Science Saturday Brain FreezeSphenopalatine Ganglioneuralgia, or brain freeze to you and me, is a real phenomenon, can be sometimes painful and is a physiological condition acknowledged by the medical community, hence the really long word in the beginning.

But what causes brain freeze. And is there something we can do to avoid it? Well, Hank from SciShow has all the answers.

Interestingly, the causes and effects of brain freeze are useful to scientists as the pain felt in your head is actually not where the pain has originated from – which is actually near the roof of your mouth. It’s a useful study to scientists because the crossed wires in the brain (the fact the pain is felt in an area away from where the cause of the pain originates) could help them understand and treat other types of nerve pain, particularly migraines.

So next time you’re enjoying your ice cream or gelato, enjoy the fact that you now know where your bout of brain freeze has originated from and how to combat it.

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