Meanwhile In Russia – Getting Run Over In Moscow

Russian Road RageRegular readers will know how much I detest driving in Russia and my contempt for Russian drivers and their flouting of the rules of the road.

And we’re quite used to seeing dash-cam video footage of the latest lunatic on the road driving at breakneck speed, with the end result being him or his unfortunate victim ending up in a ditch, all smashed to pieces.

But I’ve not seen something like this before, where an elderly gentleman got out of his car to protest at the driver who was trying cut him up on the inside, only to end up getting run over by that same driver, left by the side of the road.

Eventually someone comes to the man’s aid, but it wasn’t what you’d call “immediate”. In fact the guy in the car who filmed the entire thing doesn’t even get out of the car himself to help.

It’s a sad sorry state of affairs indeed, and indicative of the “Fuck You” attitude prevalent in Russia these days. Putin would be proud.

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