Finally, A Journalist Who Makes Sense

Rainbow FlagI haven’t the foggiest notion who Michael Sam is, other than the fact that he’s the subject of American sportscaster, Dale Hansen’s simple but thought provoking piece on why Michael Sam’s sexual orientation shouldn’t even matter, either on the field or in the locker room.

The video was shared by the wonderful Stephen Fry on Twitter. In it, Hansen has thrown down the gauntlet to teams, fans and the world in general, to accept someone’s right, not just to be gay, but to be DIFFERENT.

Celebrate the difference and share this with your friends and family. After all, every one of us on this blue green marble has had to face up to challenges society forced on us in life at least once. Wouldn’t it have been a whole lot easier if you knew you had someone in your corner to help you battle your way through?

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