Ice Road Truckers

Canadians don’t seem to mind the cold. With the recent Arctic temperatures that have hit North America (I refuse to use that stupid American soundbite thet’s being bandied about by the Yanks to explain an anticyclonic wind emanating from the North Pole) it seems like only the Yanks are whinging and moaning about how cold it is outside – Pussies!

Why don’t they take a leaf out of the Canada’s book and have a go at building themselves one of these….

Ice Truck_1 Ice Truck_2 Ice Truck_3 Ice Truck_4 Ice Truck_5 Ice Truck_6

A Chevrolet 2500HD truck chassis with a body shell made from nearly five tonnes of ice, complete with mirrors, door handles and hanging air freshener. They started it up and took it for a wee jaunt through the streets of Ontario.

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