Virgin Atlantic’s New Advert

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A few weeks ago I share with you the new Virgin America safety demo video, which is typical Virgin style….fun, upbeat, quirky and something that makes you want to fly with that airline. But they’ve gone an rolled out a new advert for Virgin Atlantic too, which is pretty cool.

It’s moved on a wee bit from the sole focus being the hot Virgin Atlantic crew, but it’s still worth watching, is still typically Virgin in terms of its style, and will still make you want to fly on Virgin.

Modelled on a kind of “Avengers meets X-Men” with the Virgin crew having their own unique “special powers”, it’s main aim is to show to the likes of you an me that flying can still be fun, can still be a little less stressful, just we’ve been doing wrong all these years by not flying Virgin!

Micheal O’Leary, is THIS what you had in mind when you were talking about Ryanair being nicer to its passengers? #FITFOO

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