Skydive Fail

Skydive Fail

This Tandem Master deserves an ass whooping. Poor lady was almost killed when she slipped out of her harness during a tandem skydive. What a fucking MORON!

I’ve done my fair share of skydiving when I was younger, and the first thing the guys at the Irish Parachute Centre in Clonbullogue drilled into us was to check your gear and your harnesses. If the harnesses were not tight enough so as to be uncomfortable, then they were too fucking loose! This guy was clearly never taught this.

The other thing I noticed was how scarred shitless she was and despite her protestations to NOT jump, the guys just fucked her out the door. That was another thing we were taught…..”Nobody HAS to jump!”. If they wanted to back out before exiting the door, they always had that option.

At the end of the day, Skydiving, if done properly and professionally, is perfectly safe. But jumping with numpties like this guy, is not. I’m just wondering if she signed up for another one!

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