Putin Speaks English…..Barely!

Putin StalinNow I know why Lili-Putin has avoided speaking in English in public before. His lack of command of English is plain for all to see. Stumbling over words, mispronouncing the letter “R” like a “W”….Think “Wodger Wabbit” 🙂

Putin recorded a rare video appeal in English for Yekaterinburg to be chosen as host of the 2020 World Expo. But Russia’s fourth-largest city was soundly defeated by Dubai in three rounds of voting in Paris late Wednesday. Dubai won 116 votes, while Yekaterinburg trailed with only 47 votes.

And what’s with his right arm. For someone who is constantly on the worlds stage, used to speaking in public, he looked like a frightened schoolboy!

For someone who is hell bent on projecting a macho image, his voice is like some camp little man, frightened of his own shadow.

This Russia, is your fearless leader. Hahahaha!

Welease Wodger, Wudolph and Wodderick 🙂

One thought on “Putin Speaks English…..Barely!

  1. He does make a bit of a fool of himself, but you can’t fail him for trying. Leaves me wondering what Enda Kenny’s Russian would sound like.

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