Science Saturday – Imperial Measurement System Explained

Most of us Europeans (save for a few die-hard Brits) have happily and readily accepted the Metric system as the de facto, official and logical decimal based measurement system in use today. And it’s not just limited to us Europeans, let me tell you. Oh no!

Our Canadian, Australian, New Zealand and South African cousins, along with our trading partners in Japan, China, Latin America, Asia and the entire continent of Africa, all use the metric system as their official system of measurement.

In fact, it’s JUST those silly Americans (along with Liberia and Burma) who are the ONLY ones that still insist on measuring everything using the most illogical unit of measurement ever devised. Or is it?

“Stand-up mathematician” Matt Parker of BBC’s Head Squeeze has actually taken the time to explain the logic behind, what is clearly a logical unit of measurement, once you understand how each unit is broken-down and correlates with each other. It might seem a bit confusing at first, which is probably why the French ended up inventing something that they could cope with.

Maybe it DID make perfect sense after all:-)

Putin Speaks English…..Barely!

Putin StalinNow I know why Lili-Putin has avoided speaking in English in public before. His lack of command of English is plain for all to see. Stumbling over words, mispronouncing the letter “R” like a “W”….Think “Wodger Wabbit” 🙂

Putin recorded a rare video appeal in English for Yekaterinburg to be chosen as host of the 2020 World Expo. But Russia’s fourth-largest city was soundly defeated by Dubai in three rounds of voting in Paris late Wednesday. Dubai won 116 votes, while Yekaterinburg trailed with only 47 votes.

And what’s with his right arm. For someone who is constantly on the worlds stage, used to speaking in public, he looked like a frightened schoolboy!

For someone who is hell bent on projecting a macho image, his voice is like some camp little man, frightened of his own shadow.

This Russia, is your fearless leader. Hahahaha!

Welease Wodger, Wudolph and Wodderick 🙂

Virgin Atlantic’s New Advert

Virgin Atlantic_3 Virgin Atlantic_1

A few weeks ago I share with you the new Virgin America safety demo video, which is typical Virgin style….fun, upbeat, quirky and something that makes you want to fly with that airline. But they’ve gone an rolled out a new advert for Virgin Atlantic too, which is pretty cool.

It’s moved on a wee bit from the sole focus being the hot Virgin Atlantic crew, but it’s still worth watching, is still typically Virgin in terms of its style, and will still make you want to fly on Virgin.

Modelled on a kind of “Avengers meets X-Men” with the Virgin crew having their own unique “special powers”, it’s main aim is to show to the likes of you an me that flying can still be fun, can still be a little less stressful, just we’ve been doing wrong all these years by not flying Virgin!

Micheal O’Leary, is THIS what you had in mind when you were talking about Ryanair being nicer to its passengers? #FITFOO

Science Saturday – Invisible Bike Helmet

Invisible Bike HelmetI know, it’s been a few weeks since I’ve posted a “Science Saturday” installment, but I think I’ve found something so cool and interesting that will make up it.

Having lived in the Netherlands for a number of years, one of the things which was always amusing to observe, was the awe that many Americans had with the shear number of bikes whizzing through the streets, and something that astonished them even more was the fact that nobody wore a helmet, and that very few people had witnessed any serious accident.

This is probably in part, due to the fact that drivers in the city centres are overly cautious about cyclists, as the cyclists always have right of way….even when they don’t, and also the fact that the entire country is criss-crossed with bike lanes, giving cyclists a safety buffer zone from the motorists.

BUT, there’s probably a case to be made for wearing a helmet anyway for those “Just In Case” moments. But the problem some people have with helmets is that a) the make you look like an utter dork, and b) they are some times comfortable to wear, especially at winter when wearing a woolly hat.

So along came these Swedish ladies who’ve only gone and invented an INVISIBLE HELMET. “Invisible?” I hear you ask. Yup. And I’m not going to spoil it by telling you how they did it. You should really watch the video below, all the way to the end, before it all begins to make sense.

Virgin America – Buckle Up And Get Down!

Virgin DemoVirgin America’s new safety demo video is FABULOUS!

In typical Virgin style, they’ve thrown out the handbook and reinvented the safety demo and replace that dry, staid boring in-flight demo with something that is sure to grab everyone’s attention and, more importantly, KEEP it!

And the song is so catchy, that you’ll probably be humming it to yourself for the rest of the day 🙂

If At First Your Don’t Succeed

Mikhail MouseIt’s a philosophy we’re taught when we’re kids….never give up, always keep trying. And as we get older we sometimes either forget about this allegory, or we just give up that bit quicker than we used to. But observe “Mikhail Mouse”, a tenant in a Russian home who is the very epitome of ‘never giving up’. We can all learn something from even the smallest of our house guests.

I think what I love the most about this is that at one point he seems to just repeat and fail over and over again, kind of like what most humans do. Then he takes a wee break, looks from another angle and strategises a little. And ‘hey presto’, he runs off with the biscuit!

Even more interesting is our own attitude to “Mikhail”. Ordinarily I would have probably whacked him with a newspaper by now if I saw him in my house. But when I showed this to Herself, she was egging him on just the same way I was. 🙂

Enjoy, and remember, whatever it is you’re trying to do in life, never give up!

Skydive Fail

Skydive Fail

This Tandem Master deserves an ass whooping. Poor lady was almost killed when she slipped out of her harness during a tandem skydive. What a fucking MORON!

I’ve done my fair share of skydiving when I was younger, and the first thing the guys at the Irish Parachute Centre in Clonbullogue drilled into us was to check your gear and your harnesses. If the harnesses were not tight enough so as to be uncomfortable, then they were too fucking loose! This guy was clearly never taught this.

The other thing I noticed was how scarred shitless she was and despite her protestations to NOT jump, the guys just fucked her out the door. That was another thing we were taught…..”Nobody HAS to jump!”. If they wanted to back out before exiting the door, they always had that option.

At the end of the day, Skydiving, if done properly and professionally, is perfectly safe. But jumping with numpties like this guy, is not. I’m just wondering if she signed up for another one!