Science Saturday – How Far We’ve Come

Early InternetThis is a blast from the past, and it just shows us how far we’ve come, technologically. A 1981 report of how seemingly far fetched is was perceived back them to get your news from the internet, rather than the old fashioned way of listening to the wireless, or turning on the telly.

And the cool thing is, you’re probably reading this and watching the video on your laptop, iPad or even your mobile phone! So I thought it only fitting to share this with you in this week’s Science Saturday, to remind us of the amazing feats and leaps we’ve achieved in the last 20 or 30 years and how much, in a good way, technology has helped improved our lives.


Mind you, the funny part for me was the editor of the newspaper interviewed, saying that they’re not going to try and make money. Pure sacrilege to Rupert Murdoch’s ears 🙂

Enjoy…..and try not to spill your morning coffee on your computer 😉

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