Science Saturday – Fracking Explained

Fracking. It’s all over the news lately, and almost everyone I speak to about it hasn’t the faintest idea about what it is and why it’s so controversial. And many of them naively think that it’s the holy grail to cheaper energy and saving themselves a few bob in the long run. The reality is very different.

And so to help you understand firstly what fracking actually is, and secondly why it’s so dangerous, the guys at Kurzgesagt put together a great no-nonsense video which explains everything.

The two things that scare the living daylights out of me about fracking are these.

1. Essentially, oil and gas companies, who only care about profiteering, and have historically a dismal record when it comes to even bothering to think about the environment, have been given unfettered access to pollute the ground we grow crops on and the water we drink. They care not a jot if someone accidentally fucks-up, and given the recent disasters that happened (Gulf Coast oil spill being the biggest of late) nobody went to jail and it boiled down to a question of monetary compensation, but no real changes were ever made either to the engineering used, the safety reviews to be conducted or even if it made sense to continue drilling in such deep wells, given the hazards and safety issues.

2. We are already over populated as a planet, straining to feed the population with our resources. And the next precious resource that will be the cause of wars across the globe will be WATER. So what happens if countries, such as those in the EU or in North America, who today have no issues or worries about their water needs suddenly find themselves without clean safe drinking water, because they let some oil and gas numpty fracking the shit out of the soil below and it’s now all irrevocably polluted? Will we be going to war just to get enough clean water so we can still enjoy a nice cup of tea?

Do yourself a favour, and inform yourself, petition against and fight to get rid of fracking. It’s a short-sighted energy bubble which will have VERY long term detrimental affects for the environment and everyone living in it.


Fracking Glass Half Clean

2 thoughts on “Science Saturday – Fracking Explained

  1. Many thanks for this. The video was very informative. With respect to your comment “We are already over populated as a planet, straining to feed the population with our resources.” This is simply not true. The fact is that there is a surplus of food on the planet but it is clearly not optimally distributed.

    • Conor,

      You might, indeed, be right, about your assessment on our ability to feed ourselves. Sadly though, it seems that between the EU and it’s butter mountains and wine lakes, and the US who have no idea what good animal husbandry is or how much is too much, I doubt that things will change any time soon.

      But I do stand by my assertion that the next big conflict driver, will be access to an unlimited supply of fresh drinking water.

      I am happy though that a) you found my blog, and b) liked this article.

      Hope you’ll continue to check back regularly.


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